LIVE: PipelineDeals integrated with Google Apps

 Google Apps Premier Parnter


is now integrated with Google Apps. This means that if you are a Google

for Domains user, you can have your Contacts and Calendar in both

PiplineDeals and Google, at the same time, updated in near real-time.

Also, with Single Sign On, once you log into your Google Account, you

will just once click away from PipelineDeals right from your Google for

Domains navigation.


integration with Google Apps has been a top requested feature for

PipelineDeals for some time. We are excited to get it out the door and

into your hands. As always, please let us know what you think and don’t

forget to rate us as well.

A Real Integration


integration with Google is truly a seamless integration; not just a one way

import/export. PipelineDeals now enables you to keep both your Contact Records and

Calendar Events in sync. Many of the current integrations fall short on synchronization. We spent the extra time and energy to get this integration

with Google Apps done right and in a manner that we anticipate our users

would “expect” such an integration to work.

Integration Details


did a pretty straightforward integration with Google Apps with Contacts

and Calendar. Now, should you change a Contact’s phone number (or any

other piece of contact data) those changes will appear in Google. The

same can be said for changes in Google, they will be pushed back to

PipelineDeals. This same two-way integration will be see across your

Calendars as well. As usual, we have created a short video to give you

an overview of this integration with Google Apps:

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  1. Does that mean ONLY if we have “Google for domains” can we enjoy this feature? Not if we are a regular GMAIL user? Thanks.

  2. Sara – We started our integration with Google for Domains but will be doing a Gmail integration. We figured that it would be smarter to do one at a time rather than two at once. We will let you know when Gmail comes online. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Does the application pull the content dynamically when you goto the calendar screen or is it real-time sync’d in the background by a background application?

  4. KG – Contacts and Calendar are sync’d in real time from Google to PipelineDeals. In PipelineDeals, sync’ing with Google occurs upon log in to PipelineDeals or at your request by clicking the text link “Sync with Google” found in both the Contacts and Calendar areas.

  5. Hello,

    I’m evaluating CRM software right now for my Google-Apps-powered company. The more Google integration, the better — and while Pipeline’s integration with Contacts + Calendar is great, the real feature we’re looking for is integration with email. Specifically, some basic record management directly from the inbox (like adding notes) and ESPECIALLY tracking all email communications in the CRM.

    Several other apps do this, I would prefer to recommend Pipeline, due to its features and sales focus… So while we don’t necessarily need it from day one, because there’s going to be some transition time, we’d like to be assured that email integration is on the Imminent Upgrade list.

    Is true Google Apps email integration planned for Pipeline Deals in the near-to-mid future?

    Thanks for your time…

  6. Derek –

    Thank you for the question on the Google Apps email integration. The short answer is yes, we plan to do this integration. The obvious next question is: “When?”. Honestly, I don’t have a date for you right now, but we do plan to do it in the coming months. Barring anything unforeseen, (a broad restriction in our business!) I would say that sometime this year seems very likely. I would love to give you a more definite time frame, but right now we have a few things to knock out before email and ultimately docs with Google.

    We are committed to Google and the Apps integration so betting that this feature will come to life in the near-to-medium term is a safe bet.

  7. Thanks for the prompt reply. I certainly understand that intentions aren’t promises, but this is reassuring. Enough so, at least, for me to run a pilot project with Pipeline at a branch location, in hopes of launching it up to the mothership. Thanks again.

    Pardon if I blow off a little non-Pipeline-directed steam…

    It really does puzzle me that full GApps/CRM/email integration isn’t more prevalent in this application space — or at the very least more heavily promoted as “on the way.” Do most mid-sized SMB enterprises just not care? Are they all hopeless locked into Outlook? Or is this CRM market niche just too new?

    I was watching one of the video demos from one of your competitors, recently (my apologies, I can’t remember which), and it looked great for the first three minutes’s worth of rich features and clean UI and requisite rubbing of a sales manager’s various erogenous zones.

    Then, as the demo briefly RACED through contact history management, the voiceover glibly “promoted” the fact that emails could either be imported manually — or copy/pasted by hand from Gmail into, like, big awkward text fields. One by one, apparently. Presumably this data-entry-fetishist of a salesman could then use his ample remaining free time to batch-scan his prospect’s thermal paper faxes and ticker tape telegrams and carrier pigeon scrolls.

    Email integration is such an obvious feature, and so many major players haven’t announced it yet, that I was beginning to suspect some sort of massive, sunken-iceberg technical boundary to GApps email tracking and inbox-widgetizing. Since it sounds like this isn’t the case, I’m frankly shocked that certain other CRM apps have yet to implement it. Some of those that do are fantastic products, but they tend to be more project/workflow focused rather than sales-focused (IMO Pipeline’s greatest strength)…

    I am particularly puzzled by this glaring omission (so far) from the 800lb gorilla, which has long recognized the importance of integrated email tracking by providing it for Outlook. Maybe because Outlook is banana-yellow?

    Thanks again for the quick response.


    (not Derek, sorry; that was a form autofill accident)

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