Preview #3: Leads Management: Take a Roadtrip


This post is the last preview before we our upcoming launch of our new leads management features. We titled this feature: Road trip.

Sales professionals know all too well that getting deals closed or moving them along usually involves spending some quality face to face time with sales prospects on the road. We hope to facilitate your upcoming road trip with a simple and powerful tool. It is a bit old school and low tech, but we believe will be useful.


Let’s say you are taking a road-trip to San Francisco and you want to review and prep for your trip on the plane. You may want to print out all of your notes and relevant lead information to take along on the trip.

With the new leads management features you can simply do the following:

1. Create a simple smart worklist for leads with a San Francisco area code. (e.g. 415)

2. Click the roadtrip or Print button.

3. You can now save a PDF to your desktop

4. The pdf contains simple 1 page overview for each of your leads


To prep for the road trip, you can just select your leads and print. The leads sheet displays the following:

1. All of your relevant contact and notes history,

2. Contact information

3. Your to-dos and events for the contact

4. You also have some room to make notes and add to-dos before or after your meetings.


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