Skype and PipelineDeals: Use the Telify Firefox Add On

Skype offers a great alternative to make sales calls. 

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Skype offers a great alternative to make sales calls. Often Skype is cheaper than other voice options. Many of our customers have asked for a way to call both Skype and non-Skype numbers by clicking on any phone number inside of PipelineDeals. Thanks to a great ecosystem out there a few of our customers have recommended an add on for Firefox called Telify. You can download the Telify add on here.

We have downloaded Telify onto both a PC and a Mac and it worked very well. Telfiy is a third party Firefox add on not built or supported by PipelineDeals. Telify does work well with our application and with almost any phone number you run across during your web surfing. Telify was built by Michael Koch. I traded emails with Michael to verify that he plans to continue to support it. Michael was generous and helpful with his time in answering questions about Telify.

Telify 1.1

After testing it, the big thing to keep in mind is that when calling a non-Skype or non toll free number without a country code, you will need to right click on the phone number and choose the “Phone number selection” option. A fly out menu will appear and you will usually see the phone number you right clicked on with the country code added as a menu selection along with its corresponding flag. Remember, you will need to add Skype credit to your Skype account in order to call non-Skype numbers. Michael has included some logic to automatically figure out the proper country code and I found it to work in almost all cases. Well done!

A big thank you to Michael for putting out a really handy Firefox add on like Telify.

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