Now live: Sales Goals

We will soon be launching a whole new tab in PipelineDeals called Goals.

What is your Goal?


are important. Goals give you, and your company, something concrete to

strive for – it could be a goal just for today, for this week or for the

year. A well thought out goal can motivate an individual or a sales

team to surpass their current performance and reach new levels of

productivity. Achieving a goal fosters a sense of accomplishment and

positively reinforces both teamwork and competition in a way that moves

the company forward.


looked around and it struck us that there are not any sales tools that

have a really good goal tracking feature. We decided to change that. We

will soon be launching a whole new tab in PipelineDeals called Goals. The great news is that Sales Goals will now be included for free as part of our ongoing commitment to improving PipelineDeals.


goal, is that his new tab will help you and your company close more

business, push deals forward in your sales pipeline, visit prospects in

person more often, and qualify more leads.  In summary, we believe this

feature will help you and your sales team sell more products and

services for your business.


up to speed with this quick overview of the coming changes below or you

can watch the video overview of goals at the bottom of this post.

Sales Goals Overview

Sales Goals will allow you to do the following:

  • Create sales goals for your company, team, or an individual sales agent.
  • See progress against sales goals.
  • Create Leaderboards for a team or for the whole company.


believe sales goals will allow you to motivate sales professionals,

foster competition, track individual and team contribution to the

greater objective and make sure everyone is moving in the same

direction. The primary pieces of the new goals feature includes:

  1. The Goals Dashboard
  1. Leaderboards
  1. Six different types of goals

We do the tracking for you. All sales goals are automatically updated for you by discrete

activities taken in PipelineDeals. This means that there is no fooling

the system or claiming credit where none is due. PipelineDeals acts as

the unimpeachable tracker of all progress against a goal. Executives and

managers can easily validate if credit claimed is actually deserved by

review the goal and the corresponding deal. The system updates goal

progress in real time so everyone one on the team always has the most

current status.

Onto the details –

1. The Goals Dashboard

The Goals Dashboard is your

place view progress on your Company, Team and Individual goals. You can

also add and delete goals from the dashboard.

The Goal Progress bars show

you how far along you are towards completing the goal in the specified

time period.  If the goal bar is green you are on-track, red signifies

you are behind your goal, and yellow means you may miss your goal.  

If you are executive or manager, you will be able to review specific team goals and individual goal performance. You can open and close each module as well as drag and drop the modules across columns.  

2. Leaderboards

Your goals dashboard will

also contain leaderboards.  Leaderboards are typically used to display

results in a competition.  Leaderboards display how well a team or the

company is doing against a goal.   Each team member will be able to see

how all other members are performing against the goal.   Leaderboards

can be created for any company or team goal but are not required.

Screenshot: Goals Dashboard with Leaderboards

 Goals dashboard with leaderboards

3. Six types of Sales Goals to choose from:

With the new sales goals tab, you will be able to create the following types of goals:

Win More $

Create a goal to track deals won over time.


  • Win $1,000,000 of new business this month.
  • Close $500k in the financial services industry this quarter.
  • Forecast $5,000,000 in sales for the full year for the entire company.
  • Close $1,000,000 in the Eastern Region this year.

Win More Deals

Track the number of deals won over time.


  • Close 5 deals this week.
  • Win 10 deals for a specific product/service.
  • Close 25 new clients this month.

Move Deals Forward

Track the number of deals moved forward to a specific deal stage.


  • Move 10 deals to the Contract stage this month in the Western Region.
  • Move 5 deals forward to the Quote stage this quarter.
  • Move 25 deals forward in your sales pipeline to the Verbal Commitment stage this month.

Complete More Tasks

Track the number of tasks completed over time.


  • Make 25 phone calls to new prospects this week
  • Make 10 face-to-face client visits this month.
  • Conduct 10 introductory meetings this month.
  • Send 5 thank you emails this week.

Convert More Leads

Track the number of leads converted into deals.


  • Qualify 10 new leads and prospects this week
  • Qualify 100 new business prospects for national accounts this month
  • Convert 25 new leads in the financial services industry this quarter

Write More Notes

Track the notes written over time.

 goal creation


  • Call my contacts at my largest deals this week.
  • Write 10 notes documenting my follow up meetings from last week.
  • Document 10 new sales appointments this week.

A few other important things to know about goals:

  • Executives can create goals for the entire Company, a specific team or an individual.
  • Managers can create goals for their team or an individual.
  • Basic users can create goals for themselves.

Screenshot: Goal Creation Screen

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