What is in store for 2011

PipelineDeals is going to evolve in 2011.


What is in store for 2011

PipelineDeals is going to evolve in 2011. We generally do not plan our efforts further out than 6 weeks out as we feel the further out you go with your planning the more you distance yourself from reality. However, these next couple of months are shaping up to set us on a path to really take a look at who we are, what we do and how we do it. 2011 is going to be a good one for PipelineDeals, so get in, sit down, speak up and hold on.

So, where are we headed?

“It is not about the features, it is about the usability” – PipelineDeals Customer

We are going to focus out of the gates on improving PipelineDeals’ usability. Customers new and old tell us they love our product, but we believe we can make it better. From there look for us to focus on a few other areas specifically – helping sales teams be more efficient with their time, enabling the non-linear sales process (we are more linear based today, think Deal Stage 1, then Deal Stage 2, then Deal Stage 3, etc.), and lastly helping sales people cultivate their relationships with their customers and prospects.

Three key areas we are focusing on initially to improve usability:

1. Global Navigation – We are going to officially promote the “Search” link to a search box that you will see on every page of the application. From here you can go to any deal, contact or lead in your account. Search is going to be comprehensive, fast and relevant.

2. Deals Tab and Deal Page – We are going to rethink how we first present your deals to you when you click on the Deals tab. Second, we are going to reconfigure the layout of the deal page to better match the work styles of our customers.  Bits of information and actions customers do more often, like take notes, will be moved up the page and made more accessible.

3. Contact Profile Page – We are going to continue with the layout of the new deal page to the contact page. The intention here is to minimize the time spent thinking about where you are in the app and let you move onto the next thing you need to do instead.

We will share screen shots and our thought process around each of these areas in the coming weeks. We are stepping out of our normal course of business here as we usually keep these early stage ideas under wraps until they are more mature. We are going to work to share more, early on and solicit more feedback. Expect us to be more transparent too as we intend to do more sharing in 2011.

We are excited about where we are headed this year and hope you are too. Of course, your thoughts, opinions, feedback, likes and dislikes about where we are headed are welcome.

Photo Credit:Sage Ross

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