Coming Soon: Global Navigation and Gear Menu

The first of our previously mentioned early 2011 usability projects for PipelineDeals is almost ready to go.

The first of our previously mentioned early 2011 usability projects for PipelineDeals is almost ready to go. The Global Navigation and Gear Menu is kind of a big one and is intended to do two things:

1) Make finding a deal, lead or contact as easy as possible from anywhere inside PipelineDeals.

2) Clean up the top navigation links.


Below in the first image is a peek of what you will soon see in your PipelineDeals account as early as tomorrow. A couple of important things to note – the Search, My Settings, Admin (if you are an Admin), Help and Logout links can now be found in the drop down underneath the Gear icon in the upper right hand corner of all pages.

 Sales pipeline report


The search box is now prominently displayed on every page, at the top of the page. Search is real time and scans all of your deals, leads and contacts. Once you find what you are searching for you can then use your mouse to highlight your choice and navigate directly to the corresponding page. You will see the identifier of the category the search result is on the same line with the result, just to the right and in grey text.

The significant improvements to search include:

• Speed – Our search is built to be fast and relevant and to truly facilitate navigation around your PipelineDeals account.

• Flexibility – Search results are flexible and matching results will begin appearing with just a few keystrokes. First name only, First name and last initial only – all of these different searches will work and work well.

• Search Notes – More on this below, but you now have the ability to search within notes.

 Searching within your sales pipeline

What Search does not do…

It is equally important to talk about what search does not do. Search does not look at your Tasks/Events, Documents, Email Addresses or Lead/Contact Tags. Documents remain searchable on the documents tab. Tags for Leads/Contacts do remain searchable on thier respective tabs as well. As for Tasks/Events and Email Addresses, well, we honestly could not think of a widely applicable use case for including these as part of the search criteria. If you disagree. please let us know and we will take your feedback into consideration.

Search Notes

Our users have wanted the ability to search their notes for specific words and for good reason. In order to search notes you will see the words: “See notes related to this search” appear in green at the bottom of the search results box. Selecting this line will take you at a notes search result that will highlight the word you searched for across your account by specific note. From there you can navigate directly to the corresponding deal, contact or lead as needed.

 Searching your sales history

Gear Menu

 The Gear Menu

The Gear Menu consolidates the links that were previously at the top of the page. You will now be able to find your User settings, Admin (if you are an Admin), Help and Logout links within this new drop down menu. You will need to click on the gear icon in order to activate this menu.

Up Next

For those of you who made it this far – there is more coming. This global search really opens up space on the deal page and that is what we are going to work on next. By virtue of this new global navigation the Deal Directory and Add a Deal modules on the left hand side are no longer needed. Expect to see some improvements to the deal page in the coming week or two.

Bring on the feedback!

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