Case Study: How one international team wins with PipelineDeals

Soluciones Orión is one of PipelineDeals' loyal clients. The Latin American company started 10 years ago as an IT consultancy and now has 100+ employees with offices in Chile, Peru, Columbia and Argentina.

Nic Cary from the team here at PipelineDeals was visiting Chile last week. While there Nic had the privilege of meeting Andrés Cargill, the founder and CEO of Soluciones Orión. Soluciones Orión has been a PipelineDeals customer for over a year now.

Betting on the Cloud

 Relying on a cloud based CRM keeps far flung teams working together. 

Andrés and his team bring amazing passion to delivering their service and evangelizing the benefits of cloud based technology. Andrés started Soluciones Orión 10 years ago as an IT consultancy and now has 100+ employees with offices in Chile, Peru, Columbia and Argentina. About 5 years ago, they saw the potential of cloud computing and bet the farm on the future. At first, some businesses were skeptical, but now Soluciones Orión supports about 150 implementations a year, bringing tens of thousands of new users onto Google Apps.

Today Soluciones Orión helps large enterprises throughout Latin and South America make the switch from on-premise technology infrastructures to cloud based solutions. As a leader in this space, the company has partnered with Google to migrate clients onto Google Apps and provide managed security services and technology consultation. From their Security Operations Center (SOC) in Santiago, the Soluciones Orión team delivers 24/7/365 support for their customers.

Good, Better, Jupiter

Andrés’ spoke at length about how our software helps his team organize their long, consultative sales process focused on large companies. Among other advantages, PipelineDeals helps Soluciones Orion close more deals by improving their ability to:

     •  Manage complex relationships with CIOs, CFOs, CTOs, IT, HR and other gatekeepers and

         decisions makers;

     •  Facilitate communication and keep everyone on the same page, regardless of geographic

         location; and,

     •  Maintain transparency within the business development team. Every user has an Executive

         role in PipelineDeals, so anyone can quickly jump into a Deal and understand exactly what’s


When we took the opportunity to give Andrés a demo of our new Jupiter Release, his first question was, “How soon does it go live?” He was excited about the improved relationship between People, Deals and Companies, which better models the business world. He also expects the updated design and workflow-oriented approach to improve his team’s efficiencies.

We can’t wait to get Jupiter out the door to help all our customers sell more efficiently. We’re closer than ever, so stay tuned for more updates as the countdown to launch continues.


Thank you Andrés for taking the time to share your story with us! Nic sincerely enjoyed the visit and we look forward to growing together.

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