Jupiter Beta is out in the Wild

 Jupiter Beta Pilot

It is a big day today. Today we launched the new PipelineDeals, codenamed Jupiter, to an initial group of test customers. Jupiter represents some big steps forward for PipelineDeals both in terms of functionality and user experience. The big changes include:

     •  Combining contacts and leads tabs into one new tab, called People.

     •  Introduction of a new tab, called Companies.

     •  Revamped Deal Tab with sentence-based filters for the deal list view.

     •  Sentence-based filters for companies and persons list views on their respective tabs.

     •  More intuitive placement of the primary navigation, over to the left.

     •  Cleaner and more navigable calendar.

     •  Workflow based in-line editing for the list views on the deal, companies and people tabs.

     •  The entire application was made bigger to take advantage of the more real estate provided by

         today’s larger screens.

We look forward to the feedback from our test pilots. If you would like to join the ranks, let us know by shooting us a note to jupiter@pipelinedealsco.com.

Jupiter will be tested for the month of November and we expect to roll it out first to new customers in early December and then to existing customers in mid-December. (Well, that is the plan as of today barring any unforeseen hiccups.) Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the official launch date!

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  1. the combination of contact and leads will be great! Will there be more email fields and possibly auto responders?

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