Coming Soon: Jupiter Release – Company Tab

PipelineDeals will soon revolve around three primary things: Deals, Companies and People. Our customers have made it clear that they want to see a comprehensive view of a Company with all the data in one place. The soon to be released Company tab now makes this request a reality.

Introducing the Company list view on the Company tab

Coming Soon: Jupiter Release - Company Tab


Adding a tab is no small decision, but based on feedback from customers and from watching how people use the app it was clear that we needed to make the change and promote the concept of a Company to its own tab. The Company tab will display a list of companies in your account. You can sort and filter your companies using the simple sentence structure filter up top. You can add a company or import a bunch of companies at once all on this view.

Another cool feature is you can customize your view a bit with the “Choose columns” link in the top right hand corner. As always you will be able to export as well with no hassle.

All company data in one place

Coming Soon: Jupiter Release - Company Tab


Clicking on a company’s name with take you to the company profile page. The company profile pages show you a global view of everything going on with that specific company. All deals, tasks and events, correspondence, people and documents will be found in one place on the company profile page. You and your team will now have a complete view of any company in your pipeline. You can also add companies you are targeting that you want to keep track of and try to sell into but don’t have a specific deal or person at the company…yet!

New with Jupiter we will introduce three key company level metrics: total pipeline, won $ and last contact. In addition you now have the ability to merge companies to eliminate any duplicates in your database.

Companies can be seen by all

One decision we made is to make sure that a Company is seen by all team members in an account regardless of your role (executive, manager or basic). We wanted to share the Company profiles to help increase communication within a sales team and reduce any potential for duplicative efforts by different sales people. While all team members will be able to see that a company exists, the visibility permissions for the three different roles will stay intact for deals, notes, people and any task/events.

We will be working to make this Company feature richer in the months to come but we think the Company Tab and improved Company Profile Page in the upcoming Jupiter release will be a great start.

Stay tuned for more Jupiter specific updates next week. We are working our hardest to see that we roll out Jupiter for all accounts this year.


  1. We're hoping to release the update within the next month. We'll be sending out several communications over the coming weeks to keep everyone up-to-date about the release.

  2. Please put the phone number on the people page, and i like being able to see the due date of tasks there, that was a nice change.

  3. @eguthrie We've included a feature to display a person's phone number from the People tab by clicking on the business card icon within the Info column. Alternatively, you can display phone number by clicking Select Column and select Phone. I hope this helps.

    Kris @ PipelineDeals

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