PipelineDeals featured on TheStreet.com

 Members of the PipelineDeals team. 

PipelineDeals received some nice coverage on TheStreet.com today from small business reporter Laurie Kulikowski. The article featured ten small-to-medium sized companies across the nation who are hiring. We are happy to report that PipelineDeals is one of them. Other companies featured in the article who are hiring include Auccuro GroupHalo MonitoringSpanishOne Translations and Royal Oaks Building Group. We think the article does a good job showcasing the diversity of companies looking to hire and brings home the point that small-to-medium sized businesses are an important factor as a growth engine in rebuilding our economy. So, one thing – do you like the stock photography in the article or this one of our team, minus the illustrious Scott Gibson, last year here in Seattle opening our West Coast offices? Inquiring minds want to know….