Preview: New Deal and Contact Profile Pages

Today we are sharing two screenshots of upcoming redesigns for the PipelineDeals Deal Page and Contact Profile Page. It will be a few more weeks until you see these new pages officially launched in your account. We thought it would be a good idea to share the new designs with you as early as possible, let you know the thinking behind the redeisgns and, of course, field any questions you may have.

The impetus behind the new designs for both the Deal and Contact Profile Pages is the focused on a single mission: to improve our user’s experience. To accomplish this goal we are focusing on a new page layout that will save our user’s time and decrease the amount of on page navigation required on the pages. We talk about the high level changes for each of the pages below. We will delve more into the changes over the coming weeks as the changes are fundamental and will replace the existing layouts for all users across PipelineDeals.

Deal Page

Our first goal when we set out on this redesign was re-organize the information on the page to bring the most used deal data to the top of the page and make it visible, as much as possible. in one view. Specifically the main contact on the deal, the upcoming tasks and events and the recent activity (as documented via notes).

Take a look at the new Deal Page:

 We've updated the deals page in our CRM. 

Contact Profile Page

The Contacts Profile Page redesign follows in step with the Deal Page with the same goals. A key goal here was to make the Contacts and Deals page similar in layout and navigation so users would use the actions on both pages. Second, we wanted to give a better view of how important this particular person is to your overall sales Pipeline – in terms of dollars. Third, we wanted to make the last contact date visible so sales teams can keep their client and prospect relationships alive and well.

Here’s a look at the new Contact Profile Page:

 Check out the new contact profile page in our CRM. 

Stay Tuned

Keep your eyes open as we will share further updates (including screenshot eye candy) soon for Deals Tab main page, the Contacts Tab main page and the Calendar too.

Ok, it is open season – let us know your thoughts and feedback.

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