Logo Survey Results

PipelineDeals recently embarked on an effort to update our marketing site, tagline and logo – everything except the name. Over the course of our 4+ year history, we have evolved not only the application but how we choose to present ourselves to our current and prospective customers.  As our 5th birthday arrives, we decided it is now time to evolve our image. We work to keep our message clear, our language crisp and our presentation attractive.

Yesterday, we sent out five logo ideas to our customers and the response was overwhelming. As of the writing of this post we have 623 votes and over 250 comments and the feedback is still streaming in.

For those of you who did not see the email, here were the options:

 The logo options we considered. 

The feedback fell into three major buckets: Hate them, Like them and Stick with what you have. Here are some comments from each of those buckets:

Bucket 1 – Hate them

“Don’t like any of them. Look a little juvenile and cartoonish.”

“Honestly, they are all too cartoony for me. I would rethink this before going much further. Your service is really useful and simple. I would gravitate toward emphasizing simplicity and ease of use.”

“Those are all terrible dorky looking logos. Is it for a kids cartoon? April Fools was days ago!”

“don’t like any of them. You are a professional company targeting businesses…use a serious logo.”

and the very direct: “They all suck.”

Bucket 2 – Like them

“They are all really good. But I’m partial to the bee :)”

“I like the bee for PipelineDeals because it speaks of “fertility” and growth in business. Plus it’s organic, positive and fun! I also like how the stripes on the body kind of look like a progress chart.”

“I like A. “Be the sales hero in your organization!””

“they all are really great, kudos to designer”

“This logo is happy, very active, twice pointing to the sky and beyond and ready to take flight while grabbing something(sales fruits) and a cape that means protection.”

Bucket 3 – Stick with what you have

“Prefer existing one.”

“Keep the one you have!”

“I like what you’ve already got. Just build the brand.”

“I like the current logo. It projects a more professional image.”

“Why change the LOGO?”

“I love the logo as it is currently”

There was one question that came up in the feedback that we wanted to address:

Is PipelineDeals crowd sourcing our logo and branding efforts?

The short answer is no. Building, designing, doing things by committee seldom goes well. We apply this philosophy to our application as well as our brand. However we are very glad we took the time to do this survey. It was clear we were headed down the wrong path and we were clued in right away that this was a bad idea. So crowd sourcing? No. Getting true feedback from our customers? Definitely.


Setting the written feedback aside for a moment, here is what the current vote tally looks like:

 the results of our survey. 

Overall Sentiment

The overall sentiment from the survey responses so far is that we should go back to the drawing board. That much is crystal clear. Given what we heard from our customers, not only from the responses but from the emails and phone calls the survey generated we have a big job ahead of us.

As one customer so eloquently put it:


So we are and we will keep you posted.