Five years and counting

 Happy Birthday PipelineDeals 

A milestone for PipelineDeals clicked by a week or so ago that we wanted to share with you. PipelineDeals humbly turned five years old. There wasn’t a ton of fanfare, party hats or even a ping pong tournament (we don’t have any ping pong tables either) to memorialize the event. The five year milestone passed the same as any other, with the same hard work, dedication and focus that enabled us to make it to our fifth birthday.

We fully understand that without our customers and supporters we would not have the privilige of writing this blog post today. A sincere thank you from all of us here at PipelineDeals goes out to those of you who have supported us through the years.

Thank you for making it possible and we look forward to serving you for the years to come. Now back to work.


JP, Nick, Grant, Nic, Kurt, Scott, Michael and Kris (a.k.a. “The Team”)

Photo By Caroline’s Cakes

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