USE Reports: Coming to an inbox near you

PipelineDeals is launching the Use Report which will be emailed to you once a week on Sundays.

PipelineDeals is launching the Use Report. This new report will be emailed to you once a week on Sundays. Amazingly enough, the Use Report will tell you who in your company and on your team is actually logging in and using PipelineDeals. The Use Report will be emailed to you one time only – after that you will need to opt into the report. You are able to opt-in and turn on/off via the Gear Icon > User Settings > Set Email Preferences and Reminders. The Use Report follows along with your user level – Excutives will see everyone in the company, Mangers will see their own and their team’s and Basics will see their own.

The goal of the Use Report is to provide sales teams with the visibility to who is using the system and how often. The Use Report simply gives you the days of the week a team member logged in, their current pipeline size along with new Leads, Contacts, Deals and Notes added this week along with the total each person has in PipelineDeals. The Use Report will be delivered to you every Sunday and cover the prior week’s (defined as Sunday thru Saturday) activities.

Here is a sample of what to expect this report to look like:

 PipelineDeals sample report

Let us know what you think and please make sure you receive your first report this week.

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