Newer browsers are better for everyone

Last week Google announced they will only support modern browsers.

Last week Google announced they will only support modern browsers. If you think about it the browser is truly the last mile of delivery for content and applications from the Internet to your computer or mobile device. Beginning August 1st Google said that for Google Apps, Google Calendar, Gmail and more they will only be supporting the current and prior major release of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer on a rolling basis. Or as Google put it another way “each time a new version is released we’ll begin supporting the update and stop supporting the third-oldest version.”

The potential near term impact for you is that starting on August 1st Google will discontinue support for these browsers and their predecessors: Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer 7 and Safari 3.

This is good news

Supporting multiple browsers and all their legacy versions is a very complicated and costly process for any business which operates online. Of course this holds true for us here at PipelineDeals. We try to be more accommodating than Google and support multiple browsers/versions. Over time you can expect us to start to follow Google’s lead in supported browsers. We won’t be as regimented as Google is, but we will definitely encourage PipelineDeals customers to upgrade their browsers when they can. This will help us speed up our pace of development (we have to test every new release on all browser types and versions before turning them on for you) and help ensure you have an awesome experience when you use PipelineDeals. Obviously this announcement by Google has more immediacy for the growing segment of our Customers that sync PipelineDeals calendar and contacts with their Google Apps service.

Keep your browsers up to date

 Keep your browsers up to date for better functionality and data security. 

The best thing to do is to keep your web browser of choice up to date. We have provided some links here to help you out now (or in the future).




Internet Explorer


Feel free to update your browser today and as a general rule be sure to keep using the latest browser available. Odds are you will have a more problem free experience wherever your online adventures may take you.

UPDATE: It was just too perfect that the image of the five brower icons above rendered differently in 3 different browsers. Here is how they turned out:

 Not having an up-to-date browser will impact your user experience. 

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