PipelineDeals Midsummer Update

Here's a glimpse into what we are up to behind the curtain for code that is PipelineDeals.

We figured summer is halfway over here in the northern hemisphere so what a better time than to give you a glimpse into what we are up to behind the curtain for code that is PipelineDeals.

New Marketing Site

It was time for a refresh in how we presented ourselves to you, our customers, both in how we look and how we talk. With some help from some folks who had original ideas about improving our marketing site we launched the third iteration of our marketing site. Our goal was to provide better information to prospective customers and present a more thoughtful and intuitive way for all to learn about the PipelineDeals application. So far the feedback from our customers has been positive. Let us know what you think and don’t be shy.

Keeping the ‘Blue Spiral’ Logo

Most of you were part of the spring survey that asked for input on some new potential logos for PipelineDeals. After intense feedback from our customers we made the conscious decision to keep the course with the existing logo. The existing blue “spiral” is here to stay and that should close out what will forever be known as the “logo boondoggle”.

Upcoming Improvements

What is on tap at PipelineDeals? Here are the major projects we are working on for the balance of 2011:

1. Jupiter – This project will span across the application. Yes, it is that big. In a nutshell, this project will change the Deals page, merge Contacts and Leads into one tab called People and strengthen the existing Company feature by promoting it to a tab. This project has been in the works for some time and we plan to ship it this fall.

2. More Google – You will see more weaving of PipelineDeals with Google and the various ways to plug into their various business tools. More here on this topic in the coming weeks as we finalize what we are going to be able to ship and when.

We will keep you posted on these efforts as they progress and as always – let us know what you think!

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