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We are planning a new and improved user interface and new features for our upcoming "Jupiter" release.

Project background

We are actively working on our new and improved user interface and new features for our upcoming “Jupiter” release, in which we are redesigning and re-thinking the workflows of our most actively used tabs, including a new, refreshed style. As usual, customer feedback is the leading motivation behind all of our upcoming changes, and we have listened closely this time.

In addition to streamlining and simplifying workflows for each tab, our other objectives are to improve consistency of page layouts, reduce scrolling, and reduce the amount of clicks for frequently-used actions.

For a brief overview of the new Deals tab in the Jupiter release, watch the video below.

In summary, we hope to improve the user experience dramatically while retaining the simplicity and power of our tool.

The Jupiter release will launch in late fall, if testing goes well.

The Deals list view

We have gotten many requests to see deals in a list view similar to how leads are currently presented. The deals list view is designed to be a powerful workflow-oriented way to manage deals in your sales pipeline.

 Keep touch with your sales pipeline using the deal list view

Simple and powerful ways to create deal lists

The simple english language user interface allows you to easily create lists of your deals. There are several options available to build deal lists:

• Deals with tasks due today

• Deals with tasks due this week 

• Recently touched deals 

• Most valuable deals

• Past due deals

• Shared deals

• Archived deals

• All deals

 You can add additional qualifiers to your account provide critical data across your sales team. 

You can also add additional qualifiers such as deal stage, owner and expected close date to filter deals down further.

We currently use the deal directory on the deals page as the primary way to view lists of deals. The deal directory will be replaced by the deals list as you will see on the new deals page design.

Key Features on the deals list page

• Simple editing for basic deal information such as deal name, amount, summary, deal owner, stage, status, expected close date

• Displaying the next action to move the deal forward

• Posting a quick note and scheduling a follow-up task

• Viewing contact information for key deal relationships directly from the list

• Re-assigning a deal to another team member

The new deals list view is the blueprint that you will see repeated across the application for people (contacts/leads) and the new companies tab.  More on people and companies in future communications and blog posts.

The new deals page

The new deals page has been designed to take advantage of a wider page layout and space that has been freed up by removing the deals directory. 

 Customize account layout to prioritize the information you see. 

The page real estate has been laid out to have the more frequent actions listed near the top of the page, e.g. adding a note.   

We placed the people associated to the deal in the upper right part of the layout where they will always be accessible without scrolling.

The rest of the left column includes a deal summary at the top of page, notes, custom fields, conversations and documents at the bottom of the page.

The new tasks module

Our tasks and events module has been improved and moved to the right column.  You will see tasks and events in the same location for people and companies. 

There are also some powerful new features available for tasks such as the ability to postpone tasks and events, by 1 day, or 1 week.  You can also see a completed task list at the bottom of the list.

 Customize tasks to maximize productivity. 

Deals and sub-deals

We have received many comments and confused many people with our current implementation of deals and sub-deals. In the Jupiter release, we will be simplifying the deals page to support exactly one deal.  

In other words, you will no longer be able to have multiple sub-deals on the same deals page. This will make the deals page simpler and significantly faster. 

However, you will be able to see all of the deals associated to one company on the new companies page.  So, we are introducing a new relationship where you can relate your deals to a company. More on that in a future blog post.

Simpler adding and editing data

We are also re-designing our adding/editing forms to make them more user-friendly and consistent across the application. 

 Quickly edit deals as the situation changes. 

You will see simpler and easier editing, with a clear button indicating to users how to initiate the editing process on the page.

The new global navigation

Disclaimer:  Our new top navigation is still undergoing major surgery and may be completely different upon launch.  We have several objectives with the new global navigation:

 Find all your deals under the deals tab. 

• Improve the readability of the tabs for each functional part of the application

• Provide as much usable space as we can to the application to reduce scrolling

• Better link our new marketing site look and feel with our application look and feel

As always please feel free to give us your thoughts or feedback.

The next preview will be on the new People tab (contacts/leads).

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