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Note:Today we are continuing our ongoing preview of our upcoming Jupiter Release. This blog post will discuss the key features of the new People tab. In case you didn’t know Jupiter is our project name which entails a whole group of updates to PipelineDeals that will roll out later this fall. Plan to hear more about Jupiter in weeks to come!

Sales is a people business. You have to enjoy people and many times success or failure is defined by how well you connect with others. At PipelineDeals we recognize the role of people in the sales process and are making some significant changes in the application to better reflect this reality. So, in short, no more Leads and Contacts, just simply: People.

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One of the most frequently asked questions about PipelineDeals revolves around the relationship between contacts, leads and deals. The Jupiter release will simplify these relationships by merging the former contacts and leads tabs into a single tab called People. A lead will be defined by a simple attribute on a person. A person is either a lead or not. It is important to note that even though we are merging leads and contacts into a single tab, our leads features are not going away. In fact, they will only be stronger and easier to use than  the current version.

The New Person Profile Page

The new person profile page follows the same blueprint as the new deals profile page.  You will tasks and events in the right hand column, and notes in the left column.  In addition, you will see summary level information at the top of the page showing the total value of the relationship, total dollars in the sales pipeline and the last date you contacted this person.

 View what contacts are doing as well as the companies they're associated with. 

The New People List View

The new people list view just like the deals list view, will take a workflow oriented approach to managing your business relationships. The new list view has been designed to minimize clicking back and forth between pages and to bring forward the most frequently used features and focus your team on the next action to further the business relationship. 

 Stay in contact with decision makers by managing lists of contacts. 

The people list view will incorporate a number of easy to use features:

Simple and powerful ways to create people lists

The simple english language user interface allows you to easily create lists of your people. There are several options available to build people lists:

* People with tasks due today

* People with tasks due this week

* Recently created people

* Recently modified people

You can even refine your people list further and create a list of people with tasks due this week that are in a specific status (e.g. hot), belong to a specific person/team, or specific tag or any combination thereof.

 Set tasks to follow up with key people and important decision makers. 

Key Features on the people list page

* Simple editing for person contact information such name, address, phone #, position, email address or source.

* Re-assigning a person to another team member

* Displaying the next action associated to the person

* Posting a quick note and scheduling a follow-up task

* Viewing contact information in a simple business card format

 quickly access contact information in PipelineDeals. 

 Manage your contacts in PipelineDeals

Bulk Actions

You will now be able to modify any list of people and set tags, source, delete and re-assign to all.  You will no longer need to  perform these actions 25 at a time as in our current application.

Let us know what you think about the new people tab and stay tuned for more updates about the upcoming Jupiter release of PipelineDeals.

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  1. This is great. The only thing I ever disliked about the format was leads and contacts being separate.

  2. Will this new interface allow us to merge 2 contacts?

  3. Will the people pages have standardizable custom fields (created by the Admin), similar to the deals pages?

  4. Unfortunately, custom fields for people and duplicates merging are not included in this release. But they are on the roadmap for a project beginning immediately after the Jupiter release.

  5. Looks nice and clean. Really looking forward to this realease.

    2 questions:
    1. Are you planning to have "smart" or saved filters in his release? For example, if you wanted to save a view with only leads that have tasks due this week.

    2. Will pricing be less, more, or stay the same for this release?


  6. Hey Eric,

    Unfortunately, we won't have saved filters for the basic queries, but they will be available for advanced filters (not shown). It is definitely something we will consider for a future release.

    Pricing will be the same for existing customers for this release. But we do get told from time to time by customers that we are under-priced and may look at a price increase for new customers only at some point in the next few months.

  7. Looking better than most ! Be sure to keep everyone in the loop for milestone events.

  8. When is the Jupiter release scheduled to come out? I haven't seen anything about timing.

  9. Hi Joey – We are looking at launching Jupiter in the next couple of months. We will release a firm date as soon as we are confident in one. We are getting closer every day and will continue to do updates as we progress in development and testing. Stay tuned!

  10. Looks pretty good. I'm just hoping that we will still be able to review 'old' notes instead of just the last few. Being able to review my contact thread is important to me in how I approach the call.

  11. Would like to know if there is a "Fleet Management" capacity planned for the future. I want to track my customers inventory of machines, let’s say they have 4 machines on 3 year leases all ending at different times….2 provided by me and 2 from other vendors….I want to track the life cycle of those I provided and the 2 I want to replace next go around. The only way I've thought to do it is by creating deals for each machine….but that would mean hundreds of deals lingering for several years…which blows all my tracking/comparative reports out of whack.

    Perhaps a "4th" state to the traffic light on deals which would suspend a deal indefinitely. It would come up in all searches…like if I did a lease-end filter search…but be excluded from all comparative reports.

  12. Looking forward to it. Should make the process easier.

    Will this allow multiple emails for people? I have a number of people who use more than 1 email and want to keep all emails I sent to them in 1 place.

  13. Is the update going to include linking capabilities? One of the features I like on other crm systems is the ability to link to other people whether they are in the same company or another company all together.

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