Power to the Pipeline: Person Custom Fields

We will highlight ways our customers are using PipelineDeals to drive more sales for their company in less time.

Today we are starting on a new weekly series of blog posts called Power to the Pipeline. In this series we will highlight ways our customers are using PipelineDeals to drive more sales for their company in less time.

This week, we’re going to take a closer look at Person Custom Fields.

 Create custom fields to fit the needs of your business. 

You can create up to 25 custom fields for People to track additional elements of data that are important to your sales process. Adding custom fields allows you to be more efficient in how you gather and store information. They add a degree of tracking and customization that any sales team can use. Popular fields include Birthday, Industry, Children, Role, General Note, Hobbies, Category, County and Department. In fact, PipelineDeals customers have created more than 8,678 custom fields in over 10 languages.

To add Person Custom Fields, simply visit the Admin tool by clicking “Settings.”

How do I add these Person Custom Field you ask? Let me show you.

Step 1. Select Settings, then Admin, then Person Custom Fields.

 Begin customizing fields under admin in the settings tab. 

Step 2. Click “Add Custom Field.”

 Easily manage your custom fields. 

Step 3. Chose one of the 6 available field type options. Then name the field and click “Save.”

 Customize a variety of information. 

This is how you enter in your information as you add a new person.

 View custom fields easily in the customer profile. 

Below is what the Custom Fields will look like inside a person’s profile page.

 Include custom fields in list views to sort clients by unique characteristics. 

After you add these special fields you can include them in your list view by clicking “Select Columns” — this way you can always see the most important information you need to see at a glance.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick overview of Person Custom Fields.

Check back next week for Power to the Pipeline: People Statues where we’ll discuss how PipelineDeals customers are using them to drive more sales and close deals faster.

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