Power to the Pipeline: People Statuses

Welcome to the second installment of the Power to the Pipeline series.

Welcome to the second installment of the Power to the Pipeline series. We hope you enjoyed last week’s post about Person Custom Fields. This week we are taking a closer look at People Statuses.

People Statuses are a simple way to help organize and track the relationships you have with people. People Statuses, like Deal Statuses, use colors to help you prioritize your daily workflow – this way you can attend to relationships that are most important to you. Popular People Statuses include Dead, Not Interested, Lost, Client, New, Active, Pending, Follow Up and Prospect. PipelineDeals customers have created more than 3,104 People Statues to help them prioritize their relationships.

Now let’s start by customizing People Statuses.

Customizing People Statuses

The account administrator can add and manage People Statuses within the Admin tool. Simply click the Gear icon, then Admin, then People Statuses.

 Customizing people statuses is easy and a great way to make your next sales call more effective.

You can use the default People Statuses or customize them to help you be more efficient in how you prioritize your daily work flow.

To add a new status, click on the “Add People Status” button, then enter the name and pick a color.

 Quickly add and update people status to identify where leads are in the buying process. 

You also have the option to modify the existing color associated to the status name.

 Create custom color codes to manage your leads better. 

You can view a person’s status on the person’s profile or within the list view in the People tab.

To edit a person’s status, click on the status and select the new status to update it.

 Editing a persons status is never more than a few clicks away. 

 Better manage your leads through color categorization. 

People Status Reporting

People Statuses are powerful can be used to help you better understand the relationships you have with people in your account. For example, you could generate a list of people in Washington State who have the Follow Up status set so you could make your appropriate follow ups. Imagine you’re planning a business trip to Philadelphia. You could generate a list of people in Philadelphia who have the status Client so you could contact key customers before your trip and make plans to visit them. The possibilities are endless!

To report on people, simply visit the People tab, click Advanced, then Select Columns to choose which fields you want to view and filter on, and set your filters.

We hope you have enjoyed learning some ways you can prioritize and better cultivate the relationships you have with People in your PipelineDeals account. Please join us next week for Power to the Pipeline: Deal Stages. As we discuss how our customers are using Deals Stages to track opportunities and forecast revenue in their sales pipeline.

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