BOST Benefits Wins with PipelineDeals

“PipelineDeals has changed the way we manage our business and helped us pay attention to relevant data. Since we started using PipelineDeals in January 2011, our sales volume has increased by 35% and we’ve been able to expand into six additional states.”

Brad Kauffman – Vice President

BOST Benefits Wins with PipelineDeals


BOST Benefits works with individuals, families, small businesses, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies across the United States. With each and every one, they strive to deliver what matters most to them. Since 1980, the priority has been delivering consumer centered benefits and impeccable service.


BOST needed an affordable way to coordinate their leadership teams, support independent specialists in their daily activities, and ensure clear communication. The BOST support staff was spending a lot of time maintaining spreadsheets and struggling to keep everyone on the same page. BOST explored a host of CRM solutions, most of which involved high monthly fees that specialists weren’t willing to pay.


BOST researched ten different sales CRM solutions. “PipelineDeals was the one that stuck out,” says Support Specialist Trish Anderson. “They were the ones we could customize. They were the most helpful for the price, the capabilities, and the reporting functions. And the customer service has been exceptional all along. It fit with us. I think it could fit for any company.”


PipelineDeals has helped BOST achieve the following results:

Streamlined team structures.

BOST was able to easily customize PipelineDeals to suit their organizational structure, including partners, support staff, two levels of directors who manage particular states and regions, and specialists who only have access to their own accounts. Everybody sees exactly what they need to see.

Enthusiastic adoption.

After BOST introduced PipelineDeals at their annual “Elevation Event,” their independent specialists were happy to invest in the low monthly fee. “They can all attest to how much it’s helped them and their business,” says Trish. “If they’re out on an account, they can look on their phone and see notes we’ve put in there. The reporting capabilities are huge too.”

Accelerated sales growth.

BOST has been able to see their teams and specialists become more profitable and build their business faster with PipelineDeals. They’ve increased their sales volume by 35%, grown their customer base by over 20%, and expanded into six new states since they started
using it.

Improved communications.

PipelineDeals has made the process of supporting specialists and keeping them up-to-date on carriers and benefits much more efficient. The new MailChimp integration will be a “huge timesaver” as well. “We have a wonderful partnership with PipelineDeals,” says Trish. “They’re constantly looking for ways to make things better, and they love hearing from customers. They really try to make the best product possible, and I believe it’s one of the best CRMs out there.”

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