Coming Soon: User Interface Update

Fonts for use in web-based software interfaces have recently improved. 

We’re always striving to make sure you have the most enjoyable experience while using PipelineDeals. Fortunately for all of us, technology is constantly making forward progress. At PipelineDeals, we take advantage of the latest and greatest technologies, and pass along those benefits to you.

Fonts for use in web-based software interfaces have recently improved. In the past, fonts were designed and optimized for printing with ink on paper. Those same fonts are still used today on the web, but more people are spending time reading on a screen. Thankfully, software designers now have modern fonts that’ve been designed and engineered specifically for readability on a screen, not ink and paper.

For more on the design and engineering behind modern web fonts, check out A closer look at Truetype Hinting from our friends at Typekit.

Coming soon to PipelineDeals, you may notice text and fonts being enhanced for a more beautiful on-screen reading experience.

 PipelineDeals is rolling out a new user interface for their CRM

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