Feature Update: View more data in large lists

We have made some minor adjustments to the simple filters for Companies, Deals or People. 

We have made some minor adjustments to the simple filters for Companies, Deals or People. In the past, when the threshold of 40,000 people or 8,000 deals was exceeded, several limitations were placed on the account to prevent performance problems. Two primary impacts of these prior limitations were the removal of the “All Users” option and replacing it with “Me.” Second, some basic filtering actions were limited which some users wanted to continue to use even with large data sets.

 Handle big data loads with PipelineDeals. 

Driven by customer feedback, we have revisited how large data sets are treated. We have made some updates launching today which we feel will benefit everyone, especially customers who have a lot of data. Now all accounts will be able to view a list for “All Users” according to whether you are an Executive, Manager or Basic user.

 analyze data at any level form the company to the individual. 

Going forward accounts will no longer be governed by limited functionality when they have a lot of data – up to a point. We will now display a message encouraging you to apply a filter to narrow the results when dealing with over 50,000 records in any of the three tabs of Companies, Deals or People. We will see how this new limit of 50k works and see if we can increase it again in the future.

 Adjust from your default settings

For those with truly gigantic datasets (over 50,000 records) you may still see some minor adjustments to the default selections in the simple sentence. We have tried hard to keep this from changing but truly huge requests may still see some trimming of the filtering options. We hope this new adjustment will help your sales team scale with PipelineDeals. As always, please let us know how this works for you and your team.

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