Power to the Pipeline: Morning Coffee Report

In this week’s Power to the Pipeline we are going to take a look at the new and improved Morning Coffee Report. 

Are you getting your Morning Coffee Report every day?

Our customers have closed over $539 billion in business using PipelineDeals. Like Alec Baldwin’s character says in the film Glengarry Glen Ross, “Coffee’s for closers.”

In this week’s Power to the Pipeline we are going to take a look at the new and improved Morning Coffee Report. Whether you want to see new deals that have entered your pipeline or activity completed by your team, the Morning Coffee Report has you covered. It’s important to review this emailed report every morning so you can stay current with your sales pipeline.

Overview of the Morning Coffee Report

At the top of the Morning Coffee Report you will see the total value of your active deals as wells as the total value of new, won and lost deals.

Next, you will see a summary of the total number of notes written, people added, to-dos added, and to-dos completed.

Finally, you will see a list of deals and people that have been updated with details about

changes and new notes written. You can use these summaries to look for opportunities to move deals to the next stage or identify red flags that may have been uncovered so plans can be made to eliminate them.

Subscribe to your Morning Coffee Report

You can opt-in to receive the Morning Coffee Report within your Email Preference and Reminders. Simply click the Gear Icon, then Profile, then Set Email Preference and Reminders, and select Email me my Morning Coffee Report. The Morning Coffee Report is brewed every day at 4:00 AM ET and will be delivered to your primary email address.

The Morning Coffee Report is a great way to understand the ebb and flow of your sales pipeline and receive notice of important activity that is happening in your account. Check back next week as we discuss Goals and how you can use them to track important sales metrics.

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