Power to the Pipeline: Email and SMS Reminders

This week’s Power to the Pipeline will highlight a few features in PipelineDeals will help you rule your world.

Do you ever find yourself being pulled in multiple directions? Have you ever missed an appointment or forgotten to complete a task on time? This week’s Power to the Pipeline will highlight a few features in PipelineDeals will help you rule your world.

You can enable your Daily Agenda to receive a digest of your task and events items for the day. Additionally, you can turn on email and SMS reminders to receive an email 15 minutes before an event is due. These reminders can help you stay on track whether you or your team are at your desk or out in the field.

 Configure email and SMS reminders in PipelinDeals

Receive your Daily Agenda and Email Reminders

It’s easy to enable your Daily Agenda and email reminders. To turn on email notifications, click the Gear Icon, then Profile , then Set Email Preferences and Reminders. Here you can check the boxes to receive your Daily Agenda every day and email reminders 15 minutes before an event is due.

 Get an early morning snapshot of your day ahead from PipelineDeals by email. 

SMS Reminders (US and Canada only)

To enable SMS reminders, click the Gear Icon, then Profile, then Set SMS Mobile Number. Simply enter your mobile number and check “Send me text messages.”

 Receive mobile updates from PipelineDeals by text message. 

SMS Reminders Workaround

It’s important to note that SMS alerts are only available to customers in the United States and Canada at this time. We hope to make this feature available to our friends abroad in a future update. In the meantime, there is a workaround you can use to receive SMS reminders on your mobile if you have an international number.

Simply enable the email reminder described above and set up a forwarding rule in your email client or application to forward emails that match the following criteria:


Subject:Reminder coming up soon!

You will want to forward them to number@carrier.com, where number is your mobile number and carrier.com is the domain for the Mail-to-SMS Gateway.

If you don’t know how to set up an email forwarding rule, please see the following resources:

Google – Forward mail to another account

Google – Using filters

Microsoft Outlook

We are committed to helping you keep on track and increase your productivity so you can stay organized, sell more and win.

Please check back next week for another installment of Power to the Pipelines where we’ll share another feature you can use to help you rule your world!

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