Power to the Pipeline: Task Templates for People and Deals

Task Templates for People and Deals help you and your sales team to do the right thing at the right time.

Task Templates for People and Deals help you and your sales team to do the right thing at the right time.

Key benefits of Task Templates include:

•     Foster common business practices across your sales organization.

•     Save you time by automatically creating the same series of tasks for People or Deals in your

       PipelineDeals account.

•     Remind sales reps to perform tasks that have proven to move deals towards close.

A template can have as many tasks as you need, it is up to you. Task Templates allow you to add a preset series of Tasks to either a Person or Deal.

If you perform the same set of tasks every time you add a person to your account, Task Templates can help you streamline your workflow and make adding tasks easier. For example, you may want to Cold Call on the first day, make a Follow up Call on the third day, and set a Lunch Meeting on the fifth day. Simply add these items to a Task Template so you can easily apply then to People in your account.

You can either do this manually for each Person or Deal, or you can set a default Task Template that will be applied each time you add a new Person or Deal. It is important to note that a Task Template can either be for People, or Deals, but not both.

Also, you can add Task Templates and customize your existing templates by clicking the Gear Icon, then Admin, then Task Templates for People and Deals.

 PipelineDeals administrators can build custom templates.

You can add a new template and edit/delete existing templates.

 PipelineDeals administrators can manage and update existing custom templates. 

You can add templates to your People/Deals by scrolling down to the Task & Events section in the bottom right corner of a Person or Deal profile page.

Click Templates, then select the Template you wish to use. A preset series of tasks will automatically be scheduled on your calendar.

 Quickly select the template you need under tasks and events. 

If you would like to view your tasks/events you can view them on either the Calendar tab or the To Do list.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s Power to the Pipeline. Task Templates is a great feature that you and your team can utilize to maintain prompt execution of tasks in your sales pipeline. Check back next week to learn more about PipelineDeals features.

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