Busy first week of February

We took a quick look this week to see just how active our PipelineDeals users were during February. 

We took a quick look this week to see just how active our users were during February. We are always interested to see just how much selling is going on in the world. While single data points can be misleading, we still thought these numbers were interesting enough to share. Just looking a deals, people and notes (we didn’t look at companies this time around) we saw the following numbers:

569,543 total records updated in a week’s time.

That breaks down as:

327,450 people records.
179,205 note records.
62,888 deal records. 

One very interesting thing is the degree to which People get touched relative to other elements of a deal. This is one number that brings home the fact that selling is a “people” business first.

February is turning out to be busy for business who use PipelineDeals. Perhaps we need to hire some sort of economist to see if this can be some sort of leading economic indicator of future business revenue. Or, probably not, let’s just focus on how we can make the application faster and better…

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