Custom Fields for People are here!

The much-requested feature of custom fields for People Profile pages has arrived! As of today, administrators can add up to 25 personalized data fields to track anything from favorite sports teams to credit scores for every person in their PipelineDeals database.

How does it work?

We took the familiar look of custom fields for Deals and added the same functionality to People. Account administrators can add up to 25 specific custom fields for People at any time.

It’s important to note that these custom fields apply to People only. They do not correspond to any custom fields you may already have for Deals. Because these fields are defined by the Account Administrator, they are the same for every Person and can be made mandatory. Administrators can get started by visiting the Settings Menu >> Admin >> Person Custom Fields.

Custom fields will display prominently on People Profile pages, right below the Notes section.

Custom Fields for People are here!


Custom fields will also appear in CSV exports and be available for importing, as long as they are created in your account before you upload a contact list.

Keep up the great feedback!

We designed PipelineDeals to be simple and easy to use. Our goal has always been to provide a smart alternative to bloated CRMs like ACT and SalesForce. They have hundreds of rarely used data fields, and a recent export from Outlook confirms they still list “Car Phone” and “Pager” as standard contact fields!

But simplicity is only the beginning of making PipelineDeals work the way you need it to, and we’re very happy to add this new element of customization. We also plan to support including these new custom fields in the People List View, so stay tuned.

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  1. That's a great addition, but of little practical use if you want my opinion.
    As long as we can't add the custom fields as columns to our "people" main view, its not really useful.

  2. Hi Steve – Sorry for the delay in responding to you. We know this is a gap in the feature and we will be rolling in your idea here during March. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Thank you very much for this addition.
    Custom fields are an extremely important function for people, like me, that live in Italy

  4. I agree that unless I am able to select the custom fields for filtering and sorting in the People view, then I am at a great disadvantage. I just changed our setup from having a million TAGS and it's very disappointing. Now I see why we had a million TAGS – because they are visible!! When in March is this GAP going to be a feature?

  5. Hi JP – any update on when we will be able to see the custom fields on the People page? Sorting by those fields will be very important to make it a useful feature. I'd really like to be able to use Custom Fields rather than growing a huge list of tags. Thanks.

    • Hi jroley,

      Just wanted to provide an update here for you and anyone else who may review the comments here. We updated our list views so that you can see custom fields in the list view and sort on custom fields there. Additionally, we’ve added the custom fields as viewable/editable on the person profile pages.



  6. Hi Joshua – Thank you for commenting here on the blog. So once the Admin on the accounts activates custom fields for people (Go to Settings > Admin > People Custom Fields) you will have the opportunity to set them up. The custom fields will then display on the Person profile pages exactly like you see them today on your deals. Give us a ring if you have some more questions. Thanks!

  7. how to set Custom Fields in people Using APIs

    • Hi Vipin,

      We document setting custom fields for People on our API documentation. Here is a link to our documentation on Person Custom Fields (

      Hope that this helps.



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