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PipelineDeals continues to grow at an amazing clip. We surpassed 2,000 companies with paid accounts using our application to close more deals with less effort. 

After nearly six years of building PipelineDeals, we continue to grow at an amazing clip. Last year, we surpassed 2,000 companies with paid accounts using our application to close more deals with less effort. We developed a huge amount of new functionality and launched a completely fresh iteration of PipelineDeals in December. We also hired our ninth employee and are currently looking for a tenth.

All in all, 2011 was good to PipelineDeals, and we look forward to more exciting developments in 2012. Of course we know that none of this would be possible without our awesome customers. So, thank you!

Feature Improvements in January

Those of you who have been customers for a while know that we regularly ship out fixes and enhancements to PipelineDeals. January was no different. Here are just a few of the most notable features that went live in January:

     •  Improved Company Profile Page that displays all Deals, enables filtering, and provides a
         complete view of all related documents
     •  Inline/workflow editing functionality on the People Profile Page
     •  Bulk action capability on the People List View
     •  Admin level option to prohibit team members from deleting account data
     •  Significant API improvements

Next up in February

We plan to keep on investing in our goal of making PipelineDeals the best sales tool on the planet. This month you can expect to see the following improvements make their debut from behind the curtain of code:

     •  New and improved Notes Report
     •  Custom Fields in People Profiles

Further down the road, but not too far

For the rest of 2012, we will be looking at building bridges from PipelineDeals. We are reaching out to complementary applications and firming up uses cases and business requirements for integration. We’ll keep you updated as we prioritize these projects, set time frames for launch, and start building. Please let us know in the comments what applications or services you’d most like to see integrated with PipelineDeals. Email providers? Social networks? Project management applications?

What else would you like to see?

We firmly believe that you, the customers, are the true owners of PipelineDeals. So, here’s another chance for you to help mold the direction of the application:

     •  What else do you want to see from PipelineDeals?
     •  What could we be doing better?
     •  What areas are we not focusing in that you think we should be?

We’d love to spark a broader discussion here on the blog. Let us know what you think in the comments. Or feel free to drop us a note to


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