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After nearly six years of building PipelineDeals, we continue to grow at an amazing clip. Last year, we surpassed 2,000 companies with paid accounts using our application to close more deals with less effort. We developed a huge amount of new functionality and launched a completely fresh iteration of PipelineDeals in December. We also hired our ninth employee and are currently looking for a tenth.

All in all, 2011 was good to PipelineDeals, and we look forward to more exciting developments in 2012. Of course we know that none of this would be possible without our awesome customers. So, thank you!

Feature Improvements in January

Those of you who have been customers for a while know that we regularly ship out fixes and enhancements to PipelineDeals. January was no different. Here are just a few of the most notable features that went live in January:

     •  Improved Company Profile Page that displays all Deals, enables filtering, and provides a
         complete view of all related documents
     •  Inline/workflow editing functionality on the People Profile Page
     •  Bulk action capability on the People List View
     •  Admin level option to prohibit team members from deleting account data
     •  Significant API improvements

Next up in February

We plan to keep on investing in our goal of making PipelineDeals the best sales tool on the planet. This month you can expect to see the following improvements make their debut from behind the curtain of code:

     •  New and improved Notes Report
     •  Custom Fields in People Profiles

Further down the road, but not too far

For the rest of 2012, we will be looking at building bridges from PipelineDeals. We are reaching out to complementary applications and firming up uses cases and business requirements for integration. We’ll keep you updated as we prioritize these projects, set time frames for launch, and start building. Please let us know in the comments what applications or services you’d most like to see integrated with PipelineDeals. Email providers? Social networks? Project management applications?

What else would you like to see?

We firmly believe that you, the customers, are the true owners of PipelineDeals. So, here’s another chance for you to help mold the direction of the application:

     •  What else do you want to see from PipelineDeals?
     •  What could we be doing better?
     •  What areas are we not focusing in that you think we should be?

We’d love to spark a broader discussion here on the blog. Let us know what you think in the comments. Or feel free to drop us a note to



  1. PipelineDeals is a wonderful sales tool!

    I'd love to see pop-up reminders (for tasks) and the ability to search by phone numbers and email addresses.

    Also, in the people and deals tab, adding a time frame to view last month or this month would be helpful too (the sentence).

    I appreciate your excellent customer support.

  2. Thanks for your update. Good to hear and see that you are constantly improving your service. I would like to see an integration with Outlook (contacts). Regards, Mark

  3. I was looking through your support forum last night and it appears users have been waiting for more than a year for the ability to merge contacts. You say in this post that you believe the users own the application. Let's hit the basics before getting focusing on integration, fellas…

  4. Well, I am trying out Pipeline deals right now and it's great to know how active you are at improvement and development. The first suggestions that come to mind based on my current usage are the following: 1. Integrate with a business card reader app. Many sales people are on the road and it would be great to take a picture of a new business card and have a way to sync the info into Pipeline Deals. The app that I currently use is Scan Biz Cards. 2. Evernote. As you know, Evernote is taking the tech world by storm and it would be a great compliment to Pipeline Deals. 3. Improved mobile web app or create an actual app. The mobile app is useful, but seems somewhat limited.

  5. The biggest issue for us is that we use a list that requires custom fields, but there's no way for us to elegantly import a leads list with custom fields, and then be able to elegantly convert them to deals with the same lead fields.

    As it stands, you guys (generously!) imported our list manually as "Unqualified Leads," but now that screws up our reports, graphs, etc.

    I really wish we could separate out the leads list with custom fields from our deals.

  6. I am a fan and a sneezer of the product. But I have to say the failure to come up with a solution to the "merge duplicate contacts" issue is a daily frustration as it is without question the greatest failing of PLD in my experience.
    The problem is email addresses. People have so many. I am a B2B and B2C company. They write me from home, from their webmail, the company domain, etc. And each time I inadvertently hit send I am faced with manually transferring the data and deleting the new file and updating their record with the new address.
    Speaking of which we need about 5 email address fields for each client. There can be a husband/wife or partners who I would like to integrate into one identity for sales purposes and that means a lot of emails.
    Still a fan but still frustrated with this one long term issue (which I will pop a bottle of champagne for) when it is fixed.
    I'd like a substantive responsive on this as right now it leaves a vacuum of seeming unconcern. As an 'owner' I feel I have a right to know here.

  7. I've been a PLD user since 2009. You guys have done a great job of making constant improvements while avoiding "the bloat" that comes with trying to do too much.

    I few tweaks that I'd love to see are:

    1) the ability to modify the name of an uploaded attachment after you upload the documents in PLD.

    2) Integration with Gmail even if you are not a Google for Domains subscriber

    Keep shipping guys!

  8. The number 1 feature I'd like to see created is the ability to pull in a contact from Outlook into the web version and, even more so, the ability to pull in an iPhone contact into the mobile site version. I see a number of people above asking for a quick way to get a lot of business cards into the CRM system, and this is one of the biggest problems that salespeople have. Think about it…I get 20 business cards at an event and now I have to manually enter it into Outlook, enter it into LinkedIn to connect, then enter it into PipelineDeals! So I just had to enter 60 contacts! Please help…

  9. Being a satisfied customer, we love PLD, but it still miss som small but important features:

    1. ability to print in plain text

    2. Interface is not widescreen, still boxed layout that looks like it's from the 90's. We have to scroll to the right when we look at default layout on peoples tab, why not fill the whole screen?

    3. Pop-up notification of events & reminders!

  10. Awesome! As always thank you guys for the feedback. We love it!

    I am a little late to the party on responding but wanted to get back to you properly, so here we go:

    @Jennifer – Great ideas as usual. We are planning our next run of week long developments. I will bring up the pop up notifications with Nick Bertolino and get them scoped (time/difficulty/priority vs. other projects). On searching for phone and email – you can do this now the caveat is that the search is syntax sensitive so in phone number parentheses and dashes matter. I hear you loud on clear on time frames. We will have a project to improve our reporting later this year I think.

    @Mark – Thanks for the kind word. Outlook is a tough nut to crack. Some customers have gotten around this by round tripping their contacts through Google and into Outlook. A little bit of a hack but an easy way to do it. Let me know if you would like to see a blog post on how to do this.

    @Byron – Fair point. Merge contacts must be done. We envision it will work like merging companies today. I will see if I can get this prioritized for February, March at the latest. Stay tuned.

    @Dan – Welcome to PipelineDeals! Very happy you have come on board. business Card app reader – e run across this request from time to time. I like it a lot. Let me see what we can do to either form a partnership with an existing reader or find a way to do it ourselves. Evernote – we love Evernote and use them here personally. On mobile – agreed we will launch an iphone app this year. Nick and I are reviewing proposals now.

    @James – We are about to launch, looking like this weekend, custom fields for People. The caveat is that right now people custom fields and deal custom fields will remain separate and distinct. We are going to launch with this first iteration and see what you (and others) think.

    @Peter – We are fans of champagne and even more so when the bottle gets popped. In all seriousness, I hear you loud and clear on merging people and like Byron above, hearing your ask ups its priority. I will send out a tweet or Facebook update when we get to work on this project. Extending the amount of available fields for a contact would be part of this project too. Stay tuned.

    @Gabe – 2008? Awesome! Thank you for your business. We are going to have to find some sort of 5 year anniversary thank you gift. The documents title change is a new one, I will see if I can find more support for that request from other customers. We will see if we can find someone to build a Gmail plug-in like our Google for Domains Gadget.

    @Brian – Agreed, that use case is cumbersome. We can make it easier. Let me see what we can do with the mobile app spec we have built. Would you be interested in seeing how other customers are round-tripping their contacts through Google and into Outlook starting from PipelineDeals?

    @Morten – Plain text printing from People list view – I know you want this! I will push on it again. On the wide screen – we did blow things big in the UI in December. I am curious why this isn't happening for you locally. Give us a call (I think you are in Europe, we can set up Skype if need be) and let's take a look together. Pop up reminders – Jennifer asked for this too – I will look into this feature this week.

    Thank you all for commenting. I will follow up here or individually where appropriate.

  11. Thanks Jennifer! I do appreciate you keeping us on our toes and pushing us forward. Good stuff. I saw your note about search indexing. I think Nic circled back with you already and it was a timing thing on indexing – global search indexes every hour. Now you know!

  12. Here are couple things that I would love to see:
    1. The ability to share documents with clients without having to download, perhaps through a link and also preview the document online. I use my ipad more and more and this would make it much more user-friendly.
    2. A deal room where you can collaborate with your clients and store documents relating to their deal that they can access.
    2. The ability to access documents on the mobile version.

  13. @Demetri – We are very interested in looking to help companies with their relationship management after a deal closes. I think since you use the word "client" you are thinking the same thing. I would be interested to learn more about how you work both during the sales process and once the deal is closed. As for accessing documents on mobile – are you thinking ipad or a smaller screened device too like iphone? Thanks for the thoughts!

  14. 1) Duplicate company accounts created when an email address does not match the company name exactly. does not get associated with XYZ Inc. even though all of the current contacts in there have the same email address. Very painful when new people are added to email discussions, or you are emailing a new contact at a company for the first time, as you have to stay on top of merging contacts into the correct account and then remember to go back and delete the incorrect account. This is the biggest time suck in using PLD that I have encountered so far and it happens a couple of times each day. Let it go for a week and everything becomes a mess…

    2) No ability (as far as I can see) to tag and sort companies by type. Current client, prospect, partner, vendor, etc… This is very limiting as the number of clients in the account grows and I'm not sure I've ever seen a crm tool without it. I've hacked around the issue by including the type after the company name – XYZ Inc (Current Client) – but this doesn't help the sorting issue.

    3) Company name is not a field in the sales pipeline report, nor is it an option in the custom report tool. This means that I have to include the company name in each of my deal names, which are already long enough with the specific information about the deal, to be able to see which company it applies to.

    4) No factoring of the deal close percentage in any of the pipeline reports, which defeats the purpose of entering a percentage. If I enter a 50k deal with a 10% close probability it should add $5,000 to my pipeline amount (or better yet, have a gross total with the full amount *and* a factored total) instead of the full $50,000. Currently I export to excel and perform the calculations there, but it would be much nicer to be able to handle this from within the application and I'm sure this is something that every sales manager would appreciate as it's the factored number that everyone else in the company cares about, not the gross total.

    5) Auto creating tasks and events for things like "expected close dates" when I enter a deal. This may be helpful for some, but the close date of a deal is usually a moving target and these automatic entries jam up the calendar and task list to the point of rendering them unusable.

    6) The charts and graphs would be much improved with a historical component that could show trends. Is my pipeline growing over time, are deals progressing, etc…

  15. Integrations I would like to see:

    1) Digital Signature s (EchoSign, RighSignature) – Ability to send a contract to a client directly from PLD

    2) Zendesk – See all my help desk tickets related to companies and deals in PLD

  16. @Adam – Here you loud on clear on merging and managing contacts for People. Look for a release on that here in the next few weeks. On #2 – companies by type, let me see what we could come up with there to satisfy this need. Companies are newer to the app and we are still watching how they are being used. On #3 – We are working on this now – I suspect it will take us another week or two. Stay tuned. #4 and #6 – I see related as part of a larger project to upgrade our reporting. This is something we will get queued up. On #5 – it sounds as though you are using deal templates. If so, these are optional and customizable under Settings > Admin.

    @Kobi – We will most likely do ZenDesk and MailChimp first followed by the others including digital signatures.

    Thank you both for chiming in!

  17. @JP – Thanks for the reply, glad to see you guys are so proactive about everything and, either way, PLD is still the best choice out there…

    Quick reply on #5 – I deleted all the deal templates when I first started using the tool (cool idea, just doesn't work for our business) but the system still automatically creates a task / event for "expected close date." Not sure if this is done intentionally, or is just a bug, but it clogs up the calendar with items that are not helpful to have on there.

    Regarding #4 and #6, if I were to prioritize these, #4 would be "high priority / make my life easier and PLD more valuable immediately," #6 would be "nice to have one day, not really a big deal."

    Thanks again!

  18. Someone asked about importing business cards but did not see a reply yet. There are iPhone apps for taking pictures of business cards and then integrating them into outlook. Would be nice if there would be a pipelinedeals app that could just take a picture of the business card and auto-import into the CRM AND also put the image picture of the business card with the contact information.

  19. @Tom – Great idea! Keep your eyes open. (but you didn't hear it from me, wink — wink)

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