PipelineDeals iPhone Native App

 PipelineDeals is designed with mobile access in mind. 

We are going to kick off our design of a native iOS application for the iPhone next week. As we were going through ideas of what the app should do above and beyond the obvious, we came up with a few really amazing ideas to try and roll in as well. We wanted to open up the brainstorming process to the most important group of people – you. 

So, what do you want to do with a PipelineDeals native app?

We are evaluating ideas that will really help those PipelineDeals customers who are on the road and accessing PipelineDeals on their iPhone. Don’t worry, we know we have to get to Android and Blackberry too. iPhone is just first as most of our user base access the application via the iPhone today. And yes, it is safe to assume that the basic features around Companies, People, Deals, Agenda and the Calendar will be included. So the question for you is what feature would you love to see in an app from PipelineDeals?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. To me the answer is obvious – have as tight integration with inbound and outbound phone calls as possible. iPhone is a bit limited in this sense, but a lot can be done.

    Implementing this right would allow the sales team to do all the calls through the application thus leaving a paper trail between contacts, including short notes, in addition to emails – finally every contact point could be easily tracked.

  2. Juhani – We will tie it as close to the inbound and outbound phone line as possible. It is an interesting idea to see if we could tie on the phone activity to a note on a person/company/deal.

    Jim – Yup, Android would be next given our current user demographics.

    Thanks for the comments and keep 'em coming!

  3. Geolocation check-in. eg; I'm at a client's premises, I "Check-in" and a request is transmitted directly to Pipeline and associated with relevant sales lead record, along with date/time stamp.

    and Android app

  4. Smart Skype Calling
    Clicking telephone number, makes Skype Out call instead of iPhone call if telephone number is foreign (determine if number is foreign based on exclusion list of country prefixes entered by user. i.e. +44 for UK)

  5. Design Suggestions based on reviewing competiting CRM iOS apps:

    1) Reuse the good design aspects from iOS Contacts app rather than going custom (to increase usability of app)
    – All List views (i.e. Contact List) include dynamic search bar at top
    – Add/Edit button on top right of screen

    2) Photos
    – Company and People Photos shown on list and detail views
    – Allows add of Photo from Camera or Photo alumn on iPhone.

    3) Making Tasks Lists great
    – In Task list view, each task has the name as the first line AND Person/Deal/Company below as second line (to give task context)
    – In Task list use label per task to show type of task (Call etc) for quick review.

    4) Add to iPhone button for Contacts, that adds the Contacts details to the iPhone Contacts app (this allows call identifier to work if the contact calls or leaves a message).

  6. HI guys, awesome news, I wish you all the best for adding a new dimension to an already stellar online CRM solution.

    As mentioned above I agree that the GeoLocation and Call functionality would be biggies, followed by Andriod for sure.

    Another nice feature would be an info lookup to find contact details for new potential leads – something like ZoomInfo or similar that can sniff out emails, phones numbers and social profiles so you can strike while the iron is hot and the idea is fresh in your mind.

  7. I really hope it is fast! I used a CRM called Daylite for a while, and the iphone app rocked. I believe is stored a lot of info locally on the phone. This may or may not be possible with pipeline but speed is important.

  8. Ed – Speed is a key concern! We are going to make it as snappy as we can. Thanks for the feedback!

  9. Pipeline works on iPad, but could be better, if you are make one for iPhone I assume iPad would be easy. Again, speed would be the advantage.

  10. Harley and Ed – Thanks for the input. +1 for speed and syncing with iphone contacts. We will take a look at the iPhone contacts question – that one is a bit tricky on a couple of fronts. Thanks for the feedback!

  11. iPhone contacts sync is key…double data entry is a pain. It would be nice if it could sync with the calendar on iPhone and iPad as well so you could enter functions quickly on the device and it could push up as well.

    While on that front, make it so more detail is apparent on the appointment reminder of the calendar as well. IE, the deal can be seen directly from the calendar appointment on the device so addresses and recent notes can be seen.


  12. A deal summary list view that includes…
    *name of each deal (in bold)
    *closing date
    *primary contact

    The list would be sortable based on closing date or sales stage. And when you click on a deal, it would open a new screen showing all the fields related to that deal, and all those fields would be editable.

    I like your web app. You are in a race with Karma CRM. I will purchase from whoever creates their iOS app first. 😉

  13. Hi Daniel,

    Our iPhone app is under development. ETA is coming soon. We'll update you as soon as more information becomes available. In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions.


  14. PLEASE make sure this is a universal app. We're planning own rolling out iPads to our sales staff.

    Also, can we get an update on the ETA?

  15. Hi Martjin – Unfortunately we're not as far along as we had planned. We are set to release the iPhone app sometime in Q1/Q2 of 2013. We'll update you with more details as we approach the release date.

    Kris @ PipelineDeals

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