Reflections from a PipelineDeals User

Founder and CEO of Noodlehead Studios, Jason Montoya, offered to write a letter to our users to share his thoughts about the recent update to PipelineDeals.

 Noodlehead marketing uses PipelineDeals as its CRM 

Founder and CEO of Noodlehead Studios, Jason Montoya, offered

to write a letter to our users to share his thoughts about the recent update to PipelineDeals and we gave him the go ahead. Thank you Jason for your thoughts and praise!

My name is Jason Montoya and I own a marketing company in Atlanta Georgia. I volunteered to write this post for PipelineDeals because I wanted to share my experience and thoughts on the app and the company due to the recent updates to the app. Over the years, I have referred many people to PipelineDeals and so during the last update, several people have come to me asking what I think of the update and the direction of PipelineDeals as a company. I wanted to share my understanding with everyone that is using the app, or considering using it, to give them a better understanding of the product and, more importantly, the company that built it. PipelineDeals did not solicit this message but I feel strongly enough about it to share my thougths.

I love simplicity. In 2008 I was using an extremely simple CRM. It stored my contacts and allowed me write notes on them. For a time, this served me well, but I found myself in need of an app with more resources available at hand than the simple CRM I was using. At that point, I had to ask myself, how do I find the right app that has the simplicity a business owner, like myself, needs without all the unnecessary functionality and bad user experience? I happened to stumble upon PipelineDeals and it was exactly what I was looking for. After pulling the trigger to use it, there was no turning back. At the time, I don’t believe I truly understood why I liked it so much, but what I did know was that the team managed to build an app I would have built, had I ever decided to developed a CRM. The functionality, the experience, the flexibility. It was all there a step before I thought of it.

PipelineDeals has a slogan and it is stated as the following: “PipelineDeals is the easiest way for your sales team to organize your sales pipeline and grow your business.” That’s what they do and that is what they do well. If you explore around their website you will find some great information about the company. While the homepage does a great job telling you why their app is so great, what I value most is who is the company that is doing this. How does their fundamentals line up against mine?

“We believe in hard work, honesty, and people-centered software. Our team has been developing, delivering, and zealously supporting the PipelineDeals sales CRM solution for five years. We’re passionate about creating software that people want to use and share. We love what we do, and we want our customers to love us for helping them close more deals.”

They have detailed where they stand, the direction they are going and this a company I want on my team – a team that handles my sales management software. As you decide to use this app, as you decide to work with it over the years, what matters most is not the functionality, problem or a bug, but what really matters is the direction the company is going and how they handle the bumps in the road. Business is organic and moving and you can never fully expect what it will bring you. Change is usually hard, but if we never changed, we would still be etching our sales numbers on stone tablets!

Change is great with great vision and understanding, both of which I believe are exhibited by PipelineDeals and are in line with mine.

Are they in line with yours?

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