Coming Soon: People Merging

We are launching a highly anticipated feature: people merging. You can now combine two duplicate people records into one.

Coming Soon: People Merging

 clean up duplicate contacts by easily merging records. 

We will soon be launching a long requested and highly anticipated feature: people merging. You can now combine two duplicate people records into one.

Have you ever done a search in your account and found a duplicate? Or, discovered that a separate entry was accidentally misspelled? Now you’ll be able to combine them without having to worry about losing notes, documents, or any contact details. 

Here’s how it works

Here is the use case we are aiming to solve: In your PipelineDeals people database you find that you have two copies of the same individual: Jack Ryan and Jack Ryans. In this case you know these are the same person and there is no need to have two separate records for Jack Ryan. After looking at the two records choose the winner. Usually it makes sense to pick the most complete record.

Here is how we to merge those two records in five simple steps.

1.  Click on the person record you and to keep – in this case Jack Ryan. You will land on Jack Ryan’s profile page.

 Manage contacts in list view. 

2.  On Jack Ryan’s profile page for the winner click the Actions button > Merge. 

 Merge right out of the contact screen using the actions drop down menu. 

3. Search for the duplicate record you found earlier, in this case Jack Ryans.

 Search for duplicate contact records. 

4.  Finalize the merge. The record going away will be on the left and the one here to stay on the right. Be sure to validate what you are doing as there is no “un-merge.” Merging is forever.

 Finalize the merging of contact records. 

5.  Complete the merge and click the “Merge people” button at the bottom of the page.

Thats it! We’ll take care of the rest instantly and the “here to stay” record will have a complete history including all the Notes, Tasks, Events, Deals, and Documents from the record that was merged.

Ground rules for merging people

Merging two records sounds very easy at first, but once you dig into it merging people is pretty complicated. We have had to establish a few basic ground rules to keep in mind when merging people. Here are these ground rules:

1.  The “going away” record will be merged into the “here to stay” record.

2.  People records with multiple email addresses will first populate work, then home, then other on

     the “here to stay” record. After three email addresses, each additional email address will

     then be appended in a note. The same goes for phone numbers.

3.  Any data that would be merged into an already populated position such as phone, email, other

     addresses, custom fields will be appended as a note to the remaining record for safekeeping.

4.  All documents, tasks, events, notes and deals will be transferred to the “here to stay” record.

Finally, please remember, merges cannot be undone.

We will launch this useful feature soon. Keep watching this blog for updates. You can also follow us on Twitter, friend us on Facebook or add us to a circle on Google+. We’re always interested in hearing what you think so please join the conversation.

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