Company Custom Fields Available Soon

Ever since we launched people and deal custom fields we have received numerous suggestions to provide these powerful options for Companies too. Well, we listened. We’re excited to announce that the Company Custom Fields are coming soon!

How do they work?

Just like Deal and People custom fields, account administrators will be able to create up to 25 specific custom fields for Companies.

Because these fields are defined by the account administrator, they are the same for every Company and can be made mandatory. Administrators can get started by visiting the Settings Menu > Admin > Company Custom Fields. 

Fields can be any of the following types:

1.  Numeric fields can be used to capture items such as number of employees, locations, years in

     business or other numeric values related to your companies.

2.  Text fields are used to capture free form text. For example you could record a stock ticker

     symbol, shipping address, or SIC code.

3.  Currency fields are used to capture data that have a monetary value. For example, you could

     track estimated revenues, market capitalization, or annual sales.

4.  Picklist fields allow you to specify a list of predefined values for a user to pick from. Examples:

     Industry, Competitors, Territory, or Type.

5.  Date fields allow you to capture important dates related to your companies. 

Custom fields will display prominently on Company Profile pages, right below the Notes section. That should do it for custom fields across the PipelineDeals application – now get back to selling!

 Keep track of key data with custom fields

Custom fields will also appear in CSV exports and be available for importing, as long as they are created in your account before you upload a list of Companies.

Keep sending us suggestions!

The team is putting the finishing touches on list views that will support People, Deal and Company Custom fields. As the project matures we’ll be publishing updates here on the blog.


  1. This is fantastic! Now there's only one element remaining – the ability to "tag" a company. This would be very helpful for our organization, as we track our leads for specific products by company rather than by person, as people come and go, but companies typically remain prospects/customers. If I could tag a company with certain product interests, it would make life a lot easier.

  2. Todd – Glad you are excited for company custom fields. Simple customization options like this are well received by our customers.

    I like the idea of tagging companies – I agree with you people do come and go. As you know we do allow for tagging of People. It is an ongoing discussion internally here about how people think about sales – do you sell to a person or company? I am usually surprised when I ask sales people this question. The funny thing is you can argue very easily either way.

    Thank you for the ideas and keep them coming!

  3. Love the new features. I would love the ability to go into profiles or companies and tag a phone number and add them to a queue on my homepage, like buidling a call list. Throw on VOIP on top of this and I would have a great tool.

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