Google Contacts Sync Changes: Action Required before May 25th

PipelineDeals is making a change that will simplify how Contacts sync between Google and PipelineDeals.

Google Contacts Sync with your CRM

We’re about to make a change that will simplify how Contacts sync between Google and PipelineDeals.

Here’s how it will work:

1.  You will select one single Google Contact Group, and any

     contacts that are listed in that group will show up in


2.  Any contact that you create in PipelineDeals will

     automatically be added to that special contact group in


3.  In addition, any contact that is associated with any deal will continue to show in PipelineDeals

     (even if it is not in your selected contact group).

That’s it!

You need to do one thing before May 25th

Please take a moment to select the special contact group in PipelineDeals. You might need to create the contact group in Google first. You can call it anything you want like CRM or PipelineDeals or Clients or whatever makes sense. Then, in PipelineDeals, open:

Settings > Profile > Google Sync Settings

You will see a selection box called: “Add PipelineDeals contacts to Google Contact Group”. Simply select the correct group there!

If you don’t make your selections before May 25th, then we will set your selection to the system group “My Contacts”.

No more complicated checkboxes

Below is the interface you’ll see when you select your Google Contact Group. All those other checkboxes below that we currently use to determine what contacts to show in PipelineDeals are going away. So don’t even worry about them!


 Google Sync Settings


 Saving your Google Sync Settings

What happens on May 25th?

On Friday, May 25, we will be making a release for this change, and then we will be making sure that your contacts are selected based on this new simple method.

We will automatically make sure that the contacts in your PipelineDeals account are added to your selected Google Contacts group.

After that, if you want any of those contacts to stop showing up in PipelineDeals, simply go into Google Contacts, and remove that contact from that special group. Unless the contact is listed on a deal, then the next time you login or select “Refresh from Google” in PipelineDeals, that contact will no longer show in PipelineDeals!

And, any time you create new contacts in PipelineDeals, those contacts will be added to that special Google Contact Group.

We hope you’ll agree that this process is much easier. As always, we welcome your feedback. Thank you for being a customer of PipelineDeals!

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