PipelineDeals Update: Last Name is no Longer Required

PipelineDeals has made a small but important change to how People are validated in our CRM system.

We have made a small but important change to how People are validated.

In the past, we required a Last Name when creating a new Person. We are removing this requirement to make it easier for your team to add new relationships into PipelineDeals even if limited information is known. If you add a Person without a Full Name then we will display “Unknown.” This will allow the Person to be updated once the Person’s name is known.

 The last name on contact is no longer a required field. 

This update will also make it easier to manage and detect duplicates. Going forward, when you add new Person via the Add Person form or People through a CSV import we will check all People you have permission to view to ensure that the Person or People are unique. If you attempt to add a new Person with the same email address as another Person that already exists in the account then it will be flagged as a duplicate. Of course, if you decide you still want to save it, you’ll be able to.

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