Importing Deals and Linking them with People

PipelineDeals has supported the ability to import people and deals. Now there's a way to do that automatically.

For several years now, we’ve supported the ability to import people and deals. However, there was no way to import deals and link them to people automatically.

But now, you can import people, and then import deals and link the deals to those people at the same time! Here’s how:

When preparing the deal CSV file you’d like to import, simply create a column, and then put the full name or the email address of the person that you want to link with the deal. The name of the column doesn’t matter, just put something that you will recognize and remember later (such as Primary Contact, Decision Maker, etc.). Please ensure that the person you’re linking to has already been added to PipelineDeals.

During the import, map the columns you’ve made for the people you want to link to the deals as “Person (Full Name, Email, ID)”.

 Map contact information to deals in PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals will take the contents of that column, and will attempt to find exactly one person who matches either that email or full name. Email addresses are the best option since they are often more unique than names. For example, there could be more than one Fred Flintstone in the world.

If we do not find exactly one matching person, then we will build a “warnings.csv” file to send back to you, which will include a column titled Error, with a message indicating why we could not link the deal with that person.

Linking with Multiple People

If you would like to link deals with more than one person, you can do this as well. Simply create two or more columns for people, and put a full name or email address in each of the columns. If you have multiple people columns, then the first one will be used as the primary contact for that deal.

If you have two people you want to link to one deal, and one person to link to another deal, then you can still have the two columns. Just leave the contents of the second column blank for the second deal, and we will igonore that one.

If you choose to use the full name to link to people, then you will need to get the name exactly correct, and there will need to be exactly one space between the first and last names.


Here is a CSV file containing two deals, which link to three different people in our PipelineDeals account.

 Import contact information from a CSV file into PipelineDeals. 

Notice that the deals file has two columns linking to people, labeled Person1 and Person2. Also note that the first deal links to two people, Fred and Barney, but the second deal only links to Joe.

If we import these two files, we will find that Fred and Barney are both linked to Stone Quarry, but Fred is listed as primary contact. And, we will see that Bedrock Bowling has a single contact, Joe.

 Designate a primary contact for the deal. 

 Add multiple to the deal for complex sales environments. 

 Access all of your contacts through the deal page. 

We hope you’ll find that this new feature saves you time when importing new deals. As always, we welcome your feedback. Thank you for being a customer of PipelineDeals!

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