PipelineDeals now integrates with MailChimp!

Have you ever wanted to easily send a monthly newsletter to your customers? How about a quick promotional email to your leads? Odds are the answer to both questions is a resounding “YES!”

With our new integration to MailChimp, using email to get in front of your customers is unbelievably simple. Simply connect your PipelineDeals account to your MailChimp account, and start cultivating relationships and closing more deals.

You can create lists of people you want to mail in PipelineDeals and send them directly to MailChimp with a single click. No more exporting and importing flat files! Even better, you can see your email campaign results from within PipelineDeals. Less than 24 hours after you send an email, the Person Profile page of each person to whom it was sent will be updated, so you can see whether they received it, opened it, or clicked on it.

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is a leading email newsletter and marketing application. A customer obsessed company (sound familiar?), MailChimp delivers an exceptional experience for their users. The service is completely free for lists with up to 2,000 subscribers. No expiring trials. No contracts. No credit card required. So if you don’t already have an account, sign up now!

How Does the Integration Work?

Now let’s get down to the nuts and bolts. Here’s how you can use PipelineDeals and MailChimp together:

1. Sign up for MailChimp if you don’t already have an account.

2. Visit Settings > Admin > MailChimp in PipelineDeals to connect your account.

3. Create a list in MailChimp.

4. Lists created in MailChimp will appear in the Admin tool in PipelineDeals. As you use them, you’ll also be able to see how many subscribers are in each list and how many campaigns you’ve sent. Admins can also define a primary list that new people created in PipelineDeals will be sent to.

5. Visit the People tab to add subscribers to an existing list in MailChimp. Select the specific People you want to send to MailChimp using the checkboxes on the left side of the page. Then click Perform actions on selected people. Finally, choose the list you want to send the proposed subscribers to.

6. Visit the Dashboard in MailChimp and build your first campaign.

Email blasts can be sent instantly or scheduled at your convenience. As subscribers open emails and click on links, the results of your campaign will be relayed to PipelineDeals. When you review a Person’s profile page in PipelineDeals, the MailChimp widget will show you reporting results. That way, you’ll know whether or not they have opened your mail before you follow up with a phone call.

A Few Important Notes

As with any integration, there are a details we want to make sure you understand:

1. Your PipelineDeals Account Admin will need to set opt in and welcome email preferences before a list can be used.

2. If a new list has been created in MailChimp, your Account Administrator can refresh your exporting options by clicking Settings > Admin > Integrations > MailChimp > Your MailChimp Lists > Update my lists from MailChimp!

3. Email campaign subject lines will appear instantly in PipelineDeals for the People to whom they apply. However, Opens, Clicks and Un-Sub reporting can take up to 24 hours before updating in PipelineDeals

That’s it! We hope you find this new integration a welcome addition to PipelineDeals. Thanks for all the suggestions and recommendations this past year. We look forward to hearing what you think.

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  1. 1. MailChimp will automatically send anyone you add to a list an opt-in confirmation email.

    Does this mean that the contacts we already have in Pipelinedeals which opted in will receive another confirmation request email? If so, this could be considered spamming them?

  2. Hi Karl,

    Thanks for posting your question. MailChimp manages opt-in at the list level. As long as your Contacts in PipelineDeals are already on a list in MailChimp (from a previous import) they should not receive another confirmation request.

    If you send Contacts to a new list, then MailChimp will trigger notifications.

    Going forward, if you've defined a primary list to send new subscribers to then any Contacts added into PipelineDeals will get opt-in confirmations to ensure you have permission to send them emails from MailChimp.


  3. Ok…on the 'opt-in' email, if they have already opted in on our website, we don't want them to receive another opt-in notification. Is there a way to avoid this? I don't think we can use this integration if it's going to force Spam to be sent to our leads and current clients.

  4. looks like this does not work if you have mailchimp already set up with SSO and google apps.

  5. This integration also does not work for my company. How do I undo it?


  6. HI,

    We use Interspire. Is this kind of API possible with Interspire?

  7. @Derek — If you send people to a list in MailChimp via the People list view, then an opt-in confirmation email will be sent to those people. This is something we hope to change in a future update. In the meantime, if you do not want an opt-in sent, simply export your list and add it via MailChimp.

    @Ed — Are you referring to Google Sync? What is SSO?

    @Paige — We currently do not have a way to disconnect your account, but this is something we will support in a future update. I've filed a case with my team to address this issue.

    @Peter — You can't connect other email marketing solutions using the MailChimp integration, but you should be able to use the API to create your own custom integration. To learn more about our API, visit http://www.pipelinedeals.com/developers/api.

    Kris @ PipelineDeals Customer Care

  8. @Ed — It sounds like you're using a Google Apps account to SSO into all your applications which is great! To connect PipelineDeals with MailChimp you will need to retrieve MailChimp credentials (your username and password). These would be credentials you would use to log in to their web app: https://login.mailchimp.com/

    If you don't remember them their password recovery system should do the trick. We're going to make an enhancement in the near future to support connecting accounts to MailChimp via an API key. This way you wouldn't need to use specific MailChimp credentials.

    Kris @ PipelineDeals Customer Care

  9. We released an update that will now allow Account Admins the option to define wether or not an opt-in email is sent to People that are added to lists in MailChimp. We also added the ability to deauthorize your MailChimp account in PipelineDeals via the Admin tool.

    Please let us know what you think!

    Kris @ PipelineDeals

  10. Kris, is Chimp part of PipelineDeals, are you the support person (are you the Chimp?), and does this simply get added to my $15/mo billing as another $15/mo?

    AND can Chimp be usd as a conventional Email front end for indiv mails?

    AND can Chimp include graphics, photos, signature-with-photo?


  11. John,

    MailChimp is a complementary service that can be used in tandem with PipelineDeals — they are one of our integration partners. You can receive MailChimp support by visiting http://mailchimp.com/support . You can also learn about their pricing at http://mailchimp.com/pricing.

    For regular email you will want to use a traditional email client like Outlook, Google, etc.

    In MailChimp you can include graphics and other images in the HTML emails you send.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions about our integration with MailChimp. We hope you enjoy the new feature.


  12. Hi – just wondering if a lead can be added to mailchimp automatically without exporting. In other words, I have capture pages using the web-to-leads and multiple lists. When someone opts into my list, I want that lead to go to a specific list in mailchimp where it is associated with a specific autoresponder. Is this possible?

  13. Hi Matt – Absolutely! You can define a primary list in your account that will automatically add newly created people in PipelineDeals to your list in MailChimp. To define your primary list, click Settings > Admin > MailChimp > and define your list. I hope this helps!

    Kris @ PIpelineDeals

  14. Hi, can the form builder on Mailchimp integrate to Deal custom fields?
    Else do you integrate to any other simple form builders to simplify the web to leads?

  15. @Tom –

    Thanks for posting your question here. At this time, the MailChimp form builder won't interact or post data to Deal Custom Fields. I can see how this would be pretty useful though.

    We have plans to make investments in how PipelineDeals interacts with web forms but at this time the best option would be to leverage our API (which is a little more advanced but supports some powerful capabilities). Here's a link to our documentation: http://www.pipelinedeals.com/developers/api


  16. Hi Support Team,
    It looks like my Mailchimp and PipelineDeals account are not corresponding to eachother. I'm not getting any errors and do not really know what's going wrong. How can we fix this and let my 'People'-list and 'Mailchimp'-list sync with eachother?

    Many thanks from Amsterdam
    (we love your service!)

  17. Hi Michiel – It looks like you needed to refresh your lists from MailChimp. I went ahead and refreshed them in your account by clicking the Gear Icon, then Admin, then MailChimp, then Your MailChimp Lists, then Update my lists from MailChimp!. Now that your accounts are linked, please set your opt-in and welcome email preferences on this page.

    You can learn more about opt-in and welcome emails at http://kb.mailchimp.com/article/how-does-confirmed-optin-or-double-optin-work

    Then go back to the main MailChimp admin page in PipelineDeals by clicking MailChimp within the page navigation. Then click Select your Primary List in MailChimp and define which list you want to set as your Primary List.

    Your Primary Email List is the one list that new People in PipelineDeals will be automatically added to and emailed based on the settings you set.

    I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have further questions by clicking the Gear Icon, then Help & Support.

    Kris @ PipelineDeals

  18. Is there a was that we can send an introductory email to all new companies or people automatically through mailchimp?
    Is there any talk about integrating Pipeline with Constant Contact?

  19. Hi BTR-Ron – MailChimp supports a feature called Welcome Emails. To learn more, visit http://blog.mailchimp.com/sending-welcome-emails-with-mailchimp/.

    Within PipelineDeals you can decide if you want these email sent to your people. Simply visit the Admin tool, click MailChimp, then Your MailChimp Lists. You can also decide if you want to send them a double opt-in email as well.

    We have had others request an integration with Constant Contact and it's something we'll consider in the future. However, it's not on our immediate product roadmap.

    Kris @ PipelineDeals

  20. Can you confirm for me that if I click "Connect Pipeline Deals" to my account and allow the background importing to go on…. that there are NO opt-in emails being sent to my list until I can configure and choose which list I want to have Pipeline Deals connect to? I have a number of lists in Mailchimp and I want to be able to choose which of these lists I want to connect my PipelineDeals leads to. There is going to be a lot of duplication here and I don't want everyone receiving an opt-in email. It is not clear to me what is happening in the background during this import and I want to be sure that I can choose the list to connect to prior to the opt-in email being sent.

  21. Hi Sara,

    Opt-in emails will not be sent. Once you connect your PipelineDeals account to MailChimp we will import your MailChimp lists, segments, campaigns and results in the background. Your email preferences for lists in MailChimp can be set within the MailChimp admin section of PipelineDeals. Once you configure your primary list and opt-in preferences you will be able to send People to MailChimp from PipelineDeals.

    Kris @ PipelineDeals

  22. Hi,

    After connecting Mailchimp to Piplelinedeals the contacts of Mailchimp don't appear in the people's list. Correct?



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