More good stuff coming your way: Custom Filters

PipelineDeals unveiled a new user interface that relies on a simple sentence structure to help you quickly filter lists of Companies, People and Deals.

Earlier this year we unveiled a new user interface that relies on a simple sentence structure to help you quickly filter lists of Companies, People and Deals. A lot of you have told us how much you love the sentence filter, but some of you have been craving more advanced ways to customize your list views.

We’ve been working on a solution that maintains the simple sentence structure, while also giving you flexibility to slice, dice, and filter your data any way you want. Custom Filters will go live within the next few weeks, but we couldn’t wait another day to show you how this exciting new functionality is going to work.

Two Filtering Options

At the top of the Companies, Deals, and People list view pages, we’re adding a toggle that will allow you to choose Simple or Advanced filtering.

 Custom filters are easy to set up under people, accounts and deals. 

The Simple option is the same customizable sentence you’re used to, but we’re adding more basic flexibility by enabling you to add a wider range of data columns, rearrange columns, and edit information right in your list view. The Advanced option goes even further, giving you total freedom to refine and save custom list views that meet your specific needs.

Let’s break the new features down one at a time…

More Column Options

We’re expanding the list of fields available via the Select Columns menu at the top right to include any of your custom fields. This means you can build, for example, a list of Deals around your products, services, or regions. Simply check the boxes for data elements you want to add.

 Select which fields you want to appear 

Rearrange Columns

You’ll be able to drag and drop column headers to arrange the columns in any order you desire. For example, maybe you want phone numbers right next to prospect names.

Inline Editing

You’ll be able to click on any field and edit the information you see in your list view. Updating your Companies, People, and Deals will be faster than ever.

Multiple Selections Within Columns

In the Advanced view, you’ll see an additional “Select” menu at the top of most of your columns. This will allow you to filter further and even select multiple options. For example, you could click this menu under Status and filter a list of all People that are Hot or Warm.

 Sort by any field in the report. 

Default View

After you create an Advanced filter, you’ll be able to save it for future use. You can even click on the star next to a filter name to make it your default view. That means you’ll automatically see it the next time you log in to PipelineDeals and go to that tab. No more re-setting your filters every day! You’ll always see your preferred and personalized view.

 Custom filters are a powerful way to better manage your sales pipeline. 

We hope you’re as excited about Custom Filters as we are. We look forward to giving you more control over how you manage your lists, while keeping our interface fast and easy to use. As always, we welcome your feedback. Thank you for choosing PipelineDeals!

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