How to Use Custom Filters for Companies, Deals and People

PipelineDeals has Custom Filters, an exciting new way of looking at your lists on the Companies, Deals and People tabs.

This article is a follow up to our initial preview of Custom Filters, an exciting new way of looking at your lists on the Companies, Deals and People tabs. When Custom Filters launch, you’ll have some powerful new tools for managing the relationships that are important to you, so we want to take a little extra time to review the details.

Most importantly, all the functionality in these lists today will remain, we are just giving them tons more flexibility. At the top of each list view page, you will see the familiar sentence structure with a few modifications.  You will have two different options, “Simple” and “Advanced”, based on how much filtering you’d like to do with your data.  Simple allows you to use the filter sentence just like before.  Advanced removes the filter sentence and provides detailed filtering capabilities at the top of each column.

 Customizable columns give you the sales data you need. 

In either the advanced or simple view, you can select which columns you’d like to appear in the list by clicking “Select Columns” in the upper right hand corner of the page.  One of the most noteworthy changes with Custom Filters is that you can select any of your custom fields!

Here is a screenshot of the Deals tab with Custom Fields for Products, Region, Competitor and Forecast.

 Customize your field display to reduce clutter and showcase the data you need. 

You can also change the order of your columns by clicking any header and dragging that column left or right.

 Changing customer information in the list.

Changing information in the list

Changing information in your list is quick and easy, and it works the same way in either the simple or advanced view.  Simply click on the data you wish to change, and a pop up box will appear allowing you to edit that information. We call this inline editing and it’s going to save you a lot of time. Now you won’t need to click down into a profile page to edit someone’s title or adjust a custom field. You can do it right from the list view.

In this example, the custom field for hobbies is being set.

 Advanced view filtering to zero in on the highest converting customers

Advanced view filtering

To get to the advanced view, simply click the Advanced button at the top of the page. When the advanced view is active, the filter sentence will disappear and new “Select” or “Search” options will appear at the top of each column.  You can click on any of these to do more specific filtering based on that column.  For example, if you wanted to see all of your Companies in Washington and Oregon, you could easily do so by clicking “Select” at the top of the “State” column and choosing those parameters.

 Saving a filtered report so you can revisit frequently used lists. 

Saving a filtered report

In the advanced view, after you’ve filtered the data to your liking, you can easily save your criteria for quick access later by clicking “Save filter”.  Enter a name for the filter and click save. You can then access it later by clicking “My filters,” which will list all of your saved filters.

For example, you can easily save a list of all your People who are Hot and Warm for quick reference.

 Setting a saved filter as your default filter

Setting a saved filter as your default filter

If you’d like, you can set one of your saved filters as your default filter. This will make it automatically load as the first thing you see when you click on that tab. To do this, you must first have saved a filtered report (see instructions above). Choose the filtered view you want by clicking My filters and selecting it. Then, simply click the little star next to its name. It will turn gold, and that’s it! This filter is now set as your default. When you click My filters, a gold star will appear next to its name there as well.

 Bulk actions for Deals and Companies so you can work with groups of accounts.

Bulk actions for Deals and Companies

Many of our customers love bulk actions for People, so we’re extending this powerful functionality to the Deals and Companies tabs. There will now be checkboxes on the left side of each record. Simply select the ones you want, and then click the bulk actions menu.

For example, you can now re-assign dozens of Deals all at once without having to go record by record.

 Deleting and managing your filters

Deleting and managing your filters

To manage your filters, first either create a new filter or select one of your previously saved ones by clicking My filters and picking it from the list.  The “Manage filter” link will now appear at the top of the list. Click it, and you’ll see options to rename the filter, delete the filter, or display the filter’s criteria.

 We hope these new features will help you get even more out of PipelineDeals.

We hope these new features will help you get even more out of PipelineDeals. As always, we welcome your feedback. Thank you for being a customer of PipelineDeals!

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