Updates to the PipelineDeals MailChimp Integration

Last month, PipelineDeals unveiled an integration with MailChimp.  

Last month we unveiled our integration with MailChimp. So far, customers have told us they love how easy it is to export lists; however, we received some feedback related to the enforcement of a Double Opt-in and Welcome Email. These notifications are designed to improve the quality of your email lists but they may be unnecessary if you have already received permission from your clients to send them email marketing campaigns.

We are happy to announce that we have added a feature that allows you control what notifications your customers receive from MailChimp when they are added to a list.

When new People are synced to your Primary List or anyone is exported to MailChimp, your opt-in preferences will display and can now be managed by your PipelineDeals Admin. This way you will always know whether or not they will receive a notification from MailChimp.

 Keep track of your MailChimp notifications in your CRM. 

Before you can export People to MailChimp your PipelineDeals Account Admin will need to chose whether or not to use a Double Opt-In and Welcome email. After these selections have been made the list will become active and you will see it when you export People to MailChimp.

Below is the administrative screen for managing email notification which is required to activate a list.

 View email campaign analytics in your CRM with PipelineDeals. 

We hope you find these improvements helpful. As always, we welcome and appreciate your feedback.

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