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PipelineDeals' Notes are a fantastic way to keep track of all of the work you accomplish throughout the day, such as phone calls, emails and appointments.  

Notes are a fantastic way to keep track of all of the work you accomplish throughout the day, such as phone calls, emails and appointments. They are a fundamental feature of PipelineDeals, which is why we’re excited to announce Activities, which is an improved version of Notes!

What’s Changing

For the most part, Note functionality will remain the same, with a few key improvements.

Notify Other Users When You Add an Activity

You can now choose to notify other users on your account when an Activity has been added to a Person, Deal or Company. Other users will then receive an email including an alert that an Activity was created, as well as the content of the Activity itself. Users will also have the option of clicking a link in the email alert to view the Activity in PipelineDeals. Any user on your account may unsubscribe from an Activity if they don’t wish to receive progress updates by email.

 Keep others up-to-date on your activity for better team collaboration. 

Introducing Comments

You can now also comment on existing Activities. Let’s say that you and a colleague are working on a Deal together. She posts a phone call with a client as an Activity and the notes that it went well. Before the implementations of our Activities feature, it would have been necessary to use the Conversations feature in order to send your colleague an email notification regarding your questions about the call. Now, you can simply leave a comment on the Activity created for the call. To leave a comment on an Activity,  just click Comment. Type your comment in, then click Add Comment below.  Anyone notified about the initial creation of the Activity will be notified.

If you see an Activity and Comment thread and want to receive notifications when somebody adds to it, simply Comment on the Activity.  You will then receive email notifications when additional comments are made.

 Comment on activity threads to add your input. 

Replacing Conversations

You can currently use Conversations to communicate internally about the Deals you’re working on with your colleagues. The Comments feature in each of your Activities streamlines internal communications by allowing your to access your team’s thoughts on each Deal directly. Conversations you had before this upgrade will be added to the Activities section and will be directly accessible by opening the applicable deal. The first Conversation will be added as an Activity, and any subsequent Conversation will be added as a Comment for that Activity.

We believe that these new features will help you and your sales team get even more out of PipelineDeals. As always, please let us know how the upgrade works for you and your team.

Expect more from us around improving how you track and report on you and your sales team’s activities in the near future!

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