Have Imports Your Way – PipelineDeals Adds Excel Imports

 We’re excited to announce a nifty new feature that we’ve added to PipelineDeals. We’ve listened to your feedback – when you need to import new leads or deals, your list is generally saved in an Excel spreadsheet. Why convert a file into CSV when that’s not the file format you work in outside of PipelineDeals?

Now you can import spreadsheets your way! With this release, you can now import Excel files (XLS & XLSX) or CSV files into PipelineDeals. No more converting files into CSV – if you’re working on a file in Excel, go ahead and import directly into PipelineDeals.

Imports in PipelineDeals are now more flexible than ever. No more fuss with conversions – import your Excel into PipelineDeals and get on with winning more deals!

For our non-US based customers – in addition to accepting Excel imports, we also introduced a special feature just for you!

You can now change the CSV Column Separator underneath the Date & Time settings on My Profile in your account from commas to semi-colons. This will allow customers who use semi-colon separated columns to import files without worrying about changing any of their computer settings.

In addition to expanding your import options, we released a number of other updates with our recent release summarized below:

  • Drafts written in activities or comments are now automatically saved

  • Task & Events now support URL & MailTo links in the title

  • To-Do List Exports contain association ID’s

  • API documentation has been updated

  • Several bug fixes and performance enhancements were released