Feature Update – Never Lose An Activity With Saved Drafts!

We’re excited to tell you about a neat new feature that we just added to PipelineDeals – Activity Drafts.

At PipelineDeals, we know that you’re a busy person. You need to be able to quickly navigate between and add activities to your deals and leads. If you forget to click “Add Activity,” you don’t want to have re-write an action you took from memory.

With the recent release of Activity Drafts, PipelineDeals will automatically save drafts of activities you record on Companies, Deals and People. Use the activities area to take notes on phone calls or meetings with your leads, navigate to other pages in the app, or even sign out of PipelineDeals with the security of knowing that a saved draft of your activity will wait for you.

No more losing activities because you accidently clicked back in the app or closed the browser window. With Activity Drafts, it’s easier than ever to keep on top of your deals!

We hope you enjoy!

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