Capturing Leads on the Run with PipelineDeals

We’ve all been there. You’re about to head out to a scheduled meeting and unexpectedly you connect with a great new prospect. What do you do?

PipelineDeals pros send their leads to when they’re on the run. Type the name of the lead in the subject line and add their contact information into the text of the email. You can even include a note about how you met your lead or add personal information to help you reconnect. PipelineDeals will automatically add the new lead so you can follow-up later.

No more worrying about losing out on potential deals while you are on-the-go. Send people you meet to, and get back to winning more deals!

Shared Filters Are Coming Soon!

That’s right – pretty soon you will be able to share filters on PipelineDeals.  

We are currently beta testing shared filters and plan to release this feature in the coming weeks. With shared filters, you will be able to create filters to apply to an entire account or share directly with one or more user on an account.

Here’s a round-up of improvements we made this week:

  • Improved UI to buttons in the list view
  • Improved UI for activities window
  • Several bugs smashed – we eliminated several bugs in the app


  1. Added the contact in text of email, however, it is only added as a note under new lead. Is there a way to have the company info (address, phone), automatically added under the new lead profile?

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