PipelineDeals partners with Thank You Small Business

We here at
PipelineDeals know that small businesses are a vital part of any healthy
economy. Small businesses are the big businesses of tomorrow. Our mission is
simple: we want our customers to rule the world. We do that by building a
software application that gives small businesses a competitive advantage to
help them grow their sales and secure their own futures.

That’s why we here at PipelineDeals, along with other organizations like LegalZoom, Nespresso, PostNet and American Airlines, have joined with Thank You Small Business (TYSB) as a Global Partner to increase exposure and recognition of small businesses the world over. Alongside TYSB we will be bringing events, resources and ideas to help small businesses continue to grow and succeed.

TYSB offers free support, resources, and acknowledgement to small business owners around the world through:

TYSB Small Business Growth Challenge and Celebration events

An Educational Webinar Series

Random Acts of Thank You Program

Visit www.thankyousmallbusiness.com to learn more about the movement, register for an event and the webinar series, and nominate your small business to receive some great prizes through the Random Acts of Thank You Program.

We thank you for how hard you work for the economy and your community!