Getting Started with Email Marketing on PipelineDeals & MailChimp

Email marketing is critical to a successful sales process. Whether you are conducting a drip marketing campaign to maximize touches with prospects, or a closed loop marketing campaign to selectively target hot leads in your sales pipeline, PipelineDeals knows that you need powerful email marketing tools to win more deals. That’s why PipelineDeals integrates with MailChimp!  

PipelineDeals integration with Mailchimp gives you powerful email marketing tools to create beautiful campaigns and gather valuable sales intelligence on your leads. Our integration makes it unbelievably easy to build lists for email campaigns, cultivate relationships and close more deals.

What is MailChimp? MailChimp is an industry leading email marketing tool with easy to use marketing and reporting features. With MailChimp, you can build beautiful email campaigns using drag and drop features, and report on metrics from your email campaigns. Even better, MailChimp is free for sending emails to up to 2,000 subscribers!

By connecting PipelineDeals to your MailChimp account, you can quickly and easily create lists for email campaigns and visualize email open rates and click rates in PipelineDeals. No more guessing whether your prospects are interested in your product or services – PipelineDeals integration with MailChimp takes the guesswork out of which leads are hot to contact for a new deal.

For additional details about integrating PipelineDeals with a MailChimp account, please take a look at our support article.

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  1. We’re devoted users of PipelineDeals and MailChimp, so this integration is welcome news. However, we need each Lead in PipelineDeals to display a record of all the emails we’ve sent that person. That would require either a) MailChimp allows us to bcc our Pipeline Deal address or b) Pipeline Deals would allow us to make a batch notation (e.g. "Sent Oreo Campaign pitch on 11 Nov 2013"). Is one of these actions possible or is there another way to track this data?

    • After you send a campaign to people in your PipelineDeals account, a new MailChimp section will become visible on the person’s profile. Here you can see the campaigns that were sent to them and whether the person opened or clicked through the email. You can also see if the message bounced.

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