Building a Sales Process That Works

Your sales process matters. 

Your sales process matters. Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting a B2B Tech Sales Meetup in our Seattle Office featuring one of our co-founders JP Werlin. JP led an insightful discussion about what we’ve learned at PipelineDeals about building a sales process that works and we’re excited to share a video of this discussion.

At PipelineDeals, we’ve discovered that the key to a successful sales process is to take care of those who take care of you. Building strong and sustainable relationships with your customers is the key to driving growth in sales.

Check out these highlights:

1:00 – Process is boring, but what it delivers is not… Process is “actions to achieve.”

4:00 – PipelineDeals uses an Inverted SaaS model – we offer “Service as a software.” We trust WOM (Word of Mouth).

5:10 – Something is better than nothing… [everyone] likes to be perfect but you need to have something first

6:00 – People care about what you can do for them. Sell ideas, not stuff. In the tech world, we spend too much time in feature and benefit land, instead of where we should be focusing

7:35 – Key questions to answer when designing a sales process: (1) What can we do for our customers? (2) What are the ideas our customers are looking to purchase?

12:45 – The B2B world lags behind the B2C world. The marketing techniques that B2B is doing now were being done 10 years ago in B2C

15:00 – Use fish size to prioritize your inbound qualification efforts. Use distance to shore (decision time-frame) to offer the right solution at the right time.

17:10 – A lead becomes a deal when you have engagement. What problems do your customers say your product solves?

22:40 – Sales people shouldn’t prospect. They’re not good at it and it isn’t repeatable. Split your roles for inbound and outbound qualification, sales, and customer nurturing.

24:25 – You can see our values and company resources with how we’ve allocated resources in sales.

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