We Give Thanks – Building Company Culture at PipelineDeals

Thanksgiving in the United States is a great opportunity to reflect on what you are thankful for. At PipelineDeals, we are profoundly grateful for the team that we’ve built in the last seven years. From our humble roots in West Chester, PA, we’ve grown to become a bicoastal company with employees in Wayne (PA), Seattle, rural Ohio, and northeast Pennsylvania. As we’ve grown, we’ve worked hard to maintain the fast-paced, collaborative and customer-oriented culture that our founders created.

One way that PipelineDeals sustains our strong company culture is thru an annual team summit. Summit’s are company-wide retreats that are designed to help build on our company culture and help our employees grow as a team.

Earlier this year, PipelineDeals hosted our summit in the coastal town of Tamarindo in Costa Rica. The retreat, nicknamed “Disrupt,” was modeled after StartUp Weekend’s “No Talk All Action” lightening quick app design. With the backdrop of rain forests and the beautiful Pacific Ocean, we split into three teams to brainstorm, survey and produce a new web-app in 54 hours.

Each team was a mixture of talent and locations that matched the diversity of our company: west coast & east coast; developers & customer care; long-term employees & new employees (one of our co-workers first day was down in Costa Rica). For two and a half days, our teams hacked exciting new web-apps to present to a panel of judges – our friends and local Costa Rican entrepreneurs Downtown E-Commerce Partners.

 Team Illuminati brainstorms requirements for their minimum viable product
Team Illuminati brainstorms requirements for their minimum viable product

The final products our teams created were varied and customer-oriented, just like PipelineDeals. The new apps included:

  • Illuminati – a business intelligence app that tracks and summarizes your competitors news, social media, and online web presence.
  • LeadsNearMe – a map visualization app for the road warrior. Visualize your leads and dynamically find new leads in the field.
  • Looking Glass – an internal tool for our Customer Care Ambassadors to help provide our customers with even better support.

While ultimately only one team could be declared the winner (congrats Team Illuminati), Disrupt built on and rejuvenated our high-energy culture. We emerged from Disrupt more excited and hungry to build and improve PipelineDeals so that our customers can win more business and be the masters of their sales universe.

As we continue to grow, events like Summit help keep our company culture strong. We have some exciting new features to announce in the coming weeks, and we’re already hard at work on our development roadmap for 2014.

If you’re interested in learning more about our team and think you’d like to work for PipelineDeals, visit our About Us page. Who knows – maybe you can join us as a team member for Summit 2014 as we re-connect, re-gear, and continue to make PipelineDeals even better.

 PipelineDeals Team + family following a group boating trip in Costa Rica
PipelineDeals Team + family following a group boating trip in Costa Rica

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