Drive your sales process with Activities

To keep your business moving forward, you need to analyze your sales process. Knowing which steps are working – and which need work – can give you a powerful edge over the competition. PipelineDeals gives you clarity about what’s really driving your sales through the Activity Report and Activity Scoreboard.

The Activity Scoreboard allows you to easily view the number of activities you and your team have completed by category. Select a time frame and see what activities your most successful sales reps are taking to close more deals.

Also, you can use the Activity Scoreboard to provide a framework for future Goals for you and your team. Is your sales process heavy on emails but light on phone calls and appointments? Are your most successful salespeople following up more with their clients by email, phone and appointment? Use the data from the Activity Scoreboard to guide new salespeople on the habits of successful sales people or to suggest new angles of approach for struggling team members.

If you need to drill down deep into your sales process, use the Activity Report to view and comment on your salespeople activities. Use PipelineDeals powerful filters to hone in on the activities that are winning you deals, ask for an update or praise a salesperson’s recent win.

With PipelineDeals activity reporting, you have the power to strengthen and improve your sales process and sales team to win more deals!

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