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At PipelineDeals, we know that you need to be as productive as possible to win deals and prepare for the new year.

Let’s face it, the end of the year is a busy time. At PipelineDeals, we know that you need to be as productive as possible to win deals, prepare for the new year and balance the busy holiday season.

The team at PipelineDeals is on your side this holiday season! We just released some new enhancements to improve your productivity, and we also have a sneak preview on some new features you can expect in the coming weeks.

Expanded Page Views

When you are reviewing lists of People, Deals or Companies in PipelineDeals, sometimes you need to see five profiles. Other times, you need to see 100 profiles. Now you have the flexibility to do both

We just released an improvement to the People, Deals, Companies and To-Do list views to allow you to see 30, 50 or 100 entries at a time. To toggle between different list views, click on the Per Page button and select the number of items that you wish to view in your list-view.

With Expanded Page Views, it’s easier than ever to do more in PipelineDeals.

Improvements of the Week

In addition to increasing the number of pages you can view, we’ve made several other improvements:

  • Account Administrators can now download PDF of their invoices in the app

  • You can now filter for Archived Deals on a Profile Page

  • Faster, Better, Stronger Queues to speed up your bulk actions

  • Bug Smashing…

What’s Upcoming?  We’re cooking up some great new improvements and features right now but we wanted to give you a sneak preview on what to look for in the near future:

  • Shared Filters – currently in beta

  • Contextual Tool Tips

  • Brand New Support Page

We’re committed to keeping PipelineDeals simple and useful — we hope you enjoy our recent improvements!

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